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Time Spot Inc. A Vitrix Company
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Complete Solutions for Companies of Any Size

Time Spot?s time and labor management solutions enable organizations to plan, track, and transform basic labor data into information that can improve workforce productivity and the utilization of labor resources. Furthermore, our solutions integrate with payroll, financial management and human resource packages, providing seamless data transport from punch to paycheck. The main benefits of automating your time and labor management include:

  • Elimination of manual preparation of paper timesheets or time cards
  • Automations of time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing payroll employees and managers to focus on more value-added activities
  • Automatic consolidation of attendance records for electronic submission to payroll systems [link to pop-up window with list of all the payroll services/systems we?re compatible with]
  • Proper accounting for productive employee time
  • Elimination of payments for unapproved or fraudulent overtime
  • Application of complex business rules, allowing audit trail capability and critical information tracking
  • Single view of all employees for the day or historical data by individual, day, week month, quarter, years and call-in type
  • Employee self serve access

To learn more about Time Spot?s software products, please click on a product below:

Genesis Pro
TA100 Pro
TA50 Pro

To view a payroll software compatibility chart, click here.