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PC Clock PC-Based Time Clock

Everyone?s workstation, thin client terminal or PC, can become a high-tech time clock, and much more, with PC Clock.  PC Clock makes it easy to gather time from thousands of users in every corner of your enterprise, either across the building or across the country.  PC Clock is perfect in situations where hardware data collection systems can?t be cost-justified, or where hardware time clocks don?t match into your organization?s environment. 

PC Clock has all the conventional features of a regular stationary time clock but with the ability to post data right into HourTrack by calculating hours worked and overtime.  PC Clock is an easy-to-use program that tracks all of your employee?s hours ? right down to the minute ? for payroll calculations.  At the end of the pay period, each employee or administrator can print a report, which totals each day?s hours and details each day?s arrivals and departures.  In addition, employees can access current information including: time card, paid hours to date; schedule; future schedule changes (i.e. vacations/business trips/early arrivals); prior period hours; view employee status board; and obtain messages.

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