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Genesis Pro & Genesis SQL

GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL are powerful software systems designed to automate timekeeping, scheduling and job costing in larger companies. The systems are among the most comprehensive in the industry, enabling companies to make real-time decisions about employee-related information. GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL includes the following features:

Ease of Use
Since GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL are completely menu driven, all processes are clearly marked and follow a common operating thread throughout.

Employee time Collection and Calculation
GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL include powerful tools that relieve payroll staff of time consuming, stressful procedures such as the manual review and calculation of time cards. GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL are compatible with multiple data collection devices in multiple locations.

Company Policies and Rules
GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL will support complex company policies such as floating shifts, multiple wages, rounding rules and overtime levels.

Employee Self Service
GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL allow you to give employees access to their own payroll and HR data including schedules, benefit balances, and current hours and transactions.

GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL will generate over 110 different reports for attendance, scheduling, wages, payroll, exceptions, and HR.

Payroll Exports
GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL come standard with an export feature that allows you to export data for in-house or external payroll processing.

All users must enter a unique login name and password to access the system. GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL can be configured to limit an employee?s ability to add, delete, or view information.

GENESIS PRO and SQL also come with optional features including the following modules: Benefit Accruals, Occurrence Ratings, Job Costing & Validation, 3rd Party Terminal Support, PC Clock, WebClock, Access Control & Profile Lockout, and Bell Control.