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Time Spot Inc. A Vitrix Company
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American Payroll Association  
Time Spot is a member of the America Payroll Association, which is dedicated to promoting understanding of the payroll profession -- not only for the professionals who perform the payroll function, but for the millions of people of all ages who receive wages, salaries and other forms of compensation.

CBS PayrollCBS Payroll
CBS Payroll, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, provides business payroll processing, benefit planning, and human resource solutions for thousands of clients nationwide while supporting hundreds of payroll companies with its software and Internet capabilities. Their ultimate goal is to deliver technology-driven products and services that save your business time, keep your employees happy, and contribute to your company's success. 

DataSym Systems, Inc.
Since 1984 Datasym has evolved to become today's foremost POS Systems manufacturer. We are the only single source POS Company offering a full range of high quality, full function, affordable POS hardware and software with over 120,000 installations in North America.

Galaxy Control Systems Systems, Inc.
Galaxy Control Systems' access control solutions include small applications, fully-integrated security management systems,and enterprise class access control systems, with a wide range of associated products.

Human Resource Microsystems [new addition; logo needed]:
Human Resource MicroSystems, Inc. is a developer of comprehensive software solutions for domestic and international Human Resource departments: HR Entré, a Client/Server product, HRIS-Pro, a PC/LAN-based product, and HRIS-Pro ASP, accessible from an Application Service Provider. Based in San Francisco, Human Resource MicroSystems is a Microsoft-Certified Solution Provider using leading technology to provide versatile software solutions for Human Resources.

IDI LogoIntegrated Design, Inc. Design Inc.
Established in 1985 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Integrated Design specializes in cost-effective application integration products and services. With numerous software installations in the United States and Canada, their products enable business processes within several  automated business systems.  

IDI LogoPayroll Associates
Payroll Associates, Inc., headquartered in Moorestown, New Jersey, utilizes technology to deliver a superior package of payroll solutions integrating human resources, tax filing, and time/attendance with the power of the Internet, designed specifically for payroll service bureaus. For more information visit www.paychoice.com.

Technology Partners

Microsoft Certified Solution ProviderMicrosoft Microsoft Corporation
Time Spot is in partnership with Microsoft to deliver the best solutions possible for our mutual customers. Our talented staff includes Microsoft Certified individuals with recognized expertise in the following areas: Software Development, Windows 95, 98, 2000, & NT Workstation/Server, TCP/IP, & Networking. 

AT&T delivers end-to-end integration, management and monitoring of clients' information technology infrastructures across entire enterprises - from the network to the operating system, and even across the applications layer - extending down to the very last byte of data transmitted.  Through the world's most powerful network, AT&T supports their clients' connections, such as Time Spot, to their customers, partners and suppliers so that business  transactions proceed smoothly and securely.