The TA200 Time & Attendance Software Package is an easy to use time management tool.

TA200, by Time Spot, was designed to be a simple to use, cost effective system that automates not only your Time & Attendance needs, but access control and bell ringing. In addition, TA200 can also produce valuable management reports that help control over- payment of employees and distribution of labor. By using the TA200's optional Job Costing Module, job labor costs may be forecasted and then compared to actual totals. This full featured and comprehensive management tool will help you gain greater control over productivity and provide the accuracy needed in your business operations.

TA200 Software

The TA200 Time & Attendance Software Package is an easy to use time management tool that enables you to automate:

Since the TA200 software is completely menu driven and easy to use, it can be quickly mastered by those with little or no prior computer experience.

TA200 Hardware: TA520/530

The TA520/530 Time and Data Terminal is used to capture and transmit data from your employees to the host computer, for processing by the TA200 software. Key features of the TA520/530 terminal include:

  1. Proven reliable and durable through years of extensive testing and trouble free operation.
  2. Terminals allow your choice of comprehensive keypad data input or simplified "Swipe-n-Go" operation.
  3. Terminals can communicate to computer via:
  4. Function Keys at terminals allow for the capture of:
  5. Custom prompting allows you to tell the terminal what questions to ask and where to accept the data from. Generic data collection can be fed into other programs.
  6. Department, job, step, and operation numbers may be validated at the terminal. You can even display the name.
  7. Employees may be given a message at the terminal, or their hours worked may be displayed.
  8. Employees may be locked out from punching at unauthorized times. Messages may be given as to why they were locked out. Supervisors may override a lockout to control authorization of overtime.
  9. Each terminal can be programmed to open a door if the employee is authorized for access. *Supervisors can look-up, add, delete, or print out punches at the terminal.
  10. Durable Wall mount to secure terminal.
  11. An Internal Lithium Battery, which protects data in case of power failure.


    The TASC Stand alone timeclock is similar to the TA520/530 in that it is used to capture and transmit data from your employees to the host computer, for processing by the TA200 software. The unique feature of TASC is its ability to generate its own reports right at the terminal. Key features in addition to those listed for the TA520/530 include: TASC allows you to define pay rules right at the terminal. Terminals generate their own reports without the need for a PC computer, this allows for remote reporting and editing. Reports include; timecard, missing punch, hours, department hours, who's IN, and who's not IN.

    Both the TA520/530 and TASC time and data terminals enable TA200 to capture employee data without tying up your computer.


    Easy To Use - TA200 is completely menu driven and uses color coded screens. All processes are clearly marked and follow a common operating thread throughout.

    No Need For A Dedicated Computer - TA200 runs "off-line" and will collect and process data from the TA520/530 or TASC Time and Data Terminals at your request. With the optional Autopoll/Autoreport module, TA200 can be set to automatically poll the data from the terminals, completely process the data, and print out the desired reports at night, freeing up your computer during business hours and providing you with the information you need, the morning it's needed.

    No Limitations - On the number of employees, schedules, pay rules, departments, jobs, steps, operations, and categories of time; TA200 is flexible to grow as your business grows.

    Automated Scheduling - Allows you the flexibility of scheduling employees weekly, monthly, or as you need them. Once an employee schedule is set up, the system remembers it so you never have to key in schedules again. Global scheduling lets you schedule groups of employees in one step. TA200 can be used to generate rotating schedules. Schedules may be printed in a number of different posting formats.

    Flexible Reporting - All reports can be printed by pay period or by selected start/end dates. This gives you the ability to run year-to-date reports on any totals right up to the last time the terminal was polled.

    Flexible Lists - of employees, departments, badges, schedules, assignments, and more can be generated at any time. Each report may be either displayed on the screen, printed, or sent to a file for use at a later date.

    Punch For Lunches and Breaks or Let The System Automatically Deduct The Time - Rules may be set up to not pay long lunches or to dock tardy returns. Deductions may be taken by elapsed worked time or by a specific window of time.

    Supports Both Open And Fixed Shifts - Employees may be assigned a specific start and stop time or employees may come and go at random. Rounding rules may be setup around the punch time or the start/stop times to guard from overpaying employees.

    Multiple Wages - Employees may be assigned multiple wages, one for each department, job, step, or operation they work on.

    Piece Rates - The TA200 Job Cost Module supports the combination of hourly wages and piece rate wages. Overall piece rates may be defined by department, job, step, or oper- ation. You can also assign individual piece rates. The system allows for the input of quantities, which are used to calculate the employee's piece rate.

    Good/Bad Quantity Tracking - The TA200 Job Cost Module allows you to enter two types of quantities, generally good and bad. The quantity report allows you to define your report headers andcalculation used. Quantities may be applied to either the department, job, step, or operation the employee was working on at the time the quantity was entered.* Punch Editing At The Terminal Or PC - Supervisors can enter missed punches, delete existing punches, or look up punches contained in the terminal. By using the TASC, existing punches may also be changed. TASC allows you to run a missing punch report at the terminal, edit the punches, and run corrected reports right at the terminal. TA200 maintains a full audit trail of any changes made to a punch.

    On Premises Reports - Know who's out, who's in, and which department they are currently in. These reports help you keep bettertrack of your employees and their productivity. The Attendance Report tracks early, rounded, on time, graced, docked, and late punches. Variances to scheduled punch times are also tracked and reported.

    Three Levels Of Overtime - TA200 supports three levels of overtime on both a daily and pay period basis. You may also pay overtime if a specific day-of-week is worked, time of the day, or for time worked outside the schedule. Shift differentials can also be calculated. Overtime can be paid on a weekly, biweekly, or semi-monthly basis. Semi-monthly overtime carryover is also supported.

    No Period End Closing Procedures - All data is available at any time for reporting. The only limit on the history the system will keep is the size of your hard drive.

    Supports Multiple Pay Periods - TA200 supports Weekly, Biweekly, Semi-monthly, and Monthly pay periods. Employees on different pay periods can all run concurrently on the same company.

    Allows Employee Transfers - Employees may perform department, job, step, or operation transfers at the terminal. This allows the employee's time to be broken down between different departments,jobs, steps, or operations within your company. Multiple wages are supported.

    Automatic Daylight Savings - TA200 automatically changes time for daylight savings. Employee times are automatically adjusted accordingly.

    Auto Punch Correcting - TA200 compensates for employee double punching and correcting wrong entries, by only taking the last entry when the terminal is used multiple times within a set amount of time.

    Cross Punching - When using multiple TA520/530 terminals with TA200, employees may punch at any terminal. This allows employees to punch in on one terminal, perform a department transfer on another, then drive 40 miles and clock out on a remote modem terminal.

    Bell Ringing - The optional Bell Module allows you to define a bell ringing schedule. Each bell is defined by a day-of-week, time-of-day, and ring duration. TA200 can ring up to 336 bells, per terminal, per week.

    Access Control - The optional Access Control Module allows you to define an employee for controlled access. Employees may be limited to access on certain terminals. With the use of the Profile Module, schedules may be downloaded to each terminal controlling the time- of-day and day-of-week the employee is allowed access.

    Control Unauthorized Overtime - The optional Profile Lockout Module helps TA200 pay for itself in only a short period of time. Employees are locked out from punching outside their scheduled work time. Early IN punches and late OUT punches are eliminated. However, supervisors may override the lockout to authorize the extra work time. Customized messages may be given to the employee as to why they were locked out. For example, "YOU'RE TO EARLY", "NOT SCHEDULED", "SEE SUPERVISOR", "START AT 8:00AM".

    Multitude of Reports - The following are just some of the reports that come standard with the TA200 system:

    • Attendance
    • Time Card
    • Department
    • Hourly
    • Daily Hours
    • Who's In
    • Payroll Export
    • Category
    • Summary
    • Group Hourly
    • Punch Exceptions
    • Department Category
    • Group Wage
    • Department Wage
    • Employee
    • Wage
    • Generic Export
    • Payroll Export
    • Attendance Count
    • Hours
    • Who's In by Shift
    • Category Count
    • Division Summary
    • Level Hourly
    • Level Wage
    • Approaching Overtime
    • Policy
    • Exceptions
    • Seniority
    • Benefit Entitlement
    • Function Key

    Please see the TA200 reports sampler for a more in-depth description of these and other TA200 reports.

    Variable Field Lengths - Supports employee and department, job, step, and operation numbers up to 10 alphanumeric characters.

    Bar Code Wand - Supports a bar code wand for entering such items as department numbers, employee data, etc.

    Report Punch Exceptions - The system allows you to define a punch interval report to show anyone punching outside of the time-frame that adheres to your company policies.

    Window Editor - Our window editor provides a simple means of correcting wrong punches and adding time such as Holiday and Vacation. The on-line Benefit Entitlement pop-up allows you to see if an employee has a particular benefit available to them, before it is given. This feature eliminates the overpayment of employee benefits. Schedules, default assignments, pay rules, and benefits may also be adjusted from the editor.

    Password Protection - Allows you limited access to different areas of the software. Supervisors may be restricted to only edit, and run reports for their employees.

    AM/PM Or Military Time - Reports may be printed, and the terminal may display the time in either military or AM/PM format.

    Change Key Field Names - A unique feature of the system is the ability to change the names of key fields and have all the menus and reports change to reflect the new name. For example, if you don't have Departments, but you do have Cost Centers, just change the name Department to Cost Center and all references to Departments will automatically change to Cost Centers.

    Built-In Utilities - In case of power failure or computer problems, the TA200 systems utilities allow for easy recovery of your data. The system includes an Archive and Restore feature, which allows you to remove old data and restore it, if needed to rerun old reports.

    Terminal Download - Inside TA200 you define tables, prompts, and operating parameters used by the terminal. The system then downloads this program to the terminal so the terminal can operate using your company's terminology, not ours. When using a TASC, employees are defined in TA200, then downloaded to the TASC. This eliminates the rekeying of employee information in two places.

    Background Polling - Terminals can be polled at any time with no interference to employee punching.

    Multi-Terminal Installations - TA200 can support an extensive number of data collection terminals. These may be any combination of TASCsor TA520/530 terminals. A single system can support any combination of modem, RS232, RS485, and wireless terminals.

    Built-In Data Export - TA200 comes standard with a data export feature, so time card data may be sent to other in-house systems. Exports to many of the major payroll companies are also included.

    Supports Remote Locations -

    TA200 may be purchased with a modem terminal, which enables remote locations to transfer their Time and Attendance data over a standard phone line to the host PC. The terminals may be programmed with an "Answer Window" to only answer the phone at a specified time. When used in conjunction with the Autopoll/Autoreport Module, the system allows you to use a standard phone line and automatically dial-up the terminal at night when nobody is there. This eliminates the need for a dedicated phone line.

    Context Sensitive Help Screens - Every field in TA200 has it's own help screen making TA200 the most user friendly system on the market.

    Easy For Employees To Use - With a simple swipe and key press, TA200 takes less of your employee's time than a mechanical time clock. The terminals easy to read vacuum florescent display provides a clear picture under bad lighting conditions. Accept and Reject tones aid employees and reduce errors.

    Hours/Wage Breakdowns - The system will show you how many labor hours and/or dollars were spent, not only by employee, but by department and group.

    Unlimited Categories - To cover such items as Vacation, Sick Days,Personal, Holiday, Jury Duty, Warning Notices, Drive Time, Expenses, etc.

    3 Forms of Data Output - All reports and lists may be printed, displayed on the monitor, or sent to a data file. TA200's enhanced display capabilities allow you to scroll, page up/down, go to beginning/end, print a particular page, and search for a specific text contained inside the report.

    One Step Global Entries - If you need to make a punch entry, schedule change, or default change that affects a group of employees, the system will let you make it once and apply it to all employees in the group. For example, the power goes out and you need to send everyone home, but you didn't order the operational battery backup for the terminal. You can give everyone an out punch with just one command at the PC the same or next day.

    Hot keys - Are a group of pop-up utilities that help in making TA200 the simplest Time & Attendance system to operate. A calendar which helps you select dates, a time conversion table which converts AM/PM to military and minutes to hundredths, context sensitive help, a blackboard, which allows you to leave notes for other system operators, and others are available by simply pressing a key.

    Auto Holidays - TA200 lets you define days as holidays. Qualifiers such as number of days of employment, must work the scheduled day before and after, and others control who will receive holiday benefits. The system will automatically give time to employees that qualify, so you no longer have to manually track and add them.

    Forecasting - Forecasting helps you prejudge labor/payroll costs. This feature is especially useful in job costing and bidding. TA200 will forecast both hours and dollars based on the employee's schedules. Overtime is also calculated in. Forecasting also takes already worked time into consideration. For example, if you are in the middle of a pay period and you want to forecast this pay periods costs, the system will calculate using the actual punch times up to the current date, then calculate to the end of the pay period using the scheduled times.

    Benefit Entitlement Tracking - TA200 lets you define what you want to track. For example, sick, vacation, personal, or warning notices. Amount allowed, taken, available, and number of times are all tracked in a pop-up window and report. The pop-up window is available when editing punches. This feature eliminates the overpayment of employee benefits.

    Control Overtime - The Approaching Overtime Report helps you schedule employees without paying unnecessary overtime. The report shows the employee's scheduled hours for the pay period, what the employee has worked to date, what the employee still has scheduled to work, and a system estimate of what overtime the employee will have. By knowing this, supervisors can call in employees least likely to pay overtime.

    Spot Trends - Not only will TA200 show you when sick days were taken, the system can produce a Trend Analysis, which shows how many were taken on which day of the week. For example, John Doe took 6 sick days and they were all on Mondays. This is a useful information to have at employee evaluation time. A Trend Analysis can be run for any category.

    Control Coverage - The TA200's Coverage Report gives you an easy to read time line format of an employee's schedule. This report can show who's scheduled to work at a specific time of day, who's scheduled to work, but not at that specific time of day, or who's not scheduled to work that day. This report also includes the employee's phone numbers. This report is perfect for supervisors calling employees to fill in.

    Employee Messaging - The optional Messaging Module allows you to give employees messages from the software to the terminal. Messages can be anything from seeing the employee name displayed when they punch to telling them what job to work on. When used in conjunction with the Autopoll/Autoreport Module, the Messaging Module allows the system to automatically calculate and send the employees hours to the terminal. When the employee clocks, their hours, worked to date, is displayed

    Input Validation - The optional Validation Module helps eliminate the input of bad data. In the software, you define the valid department, job, step, or operation numbers. When the employee keys in a bad number at the terminal, "INVALID ENTRY" is displayed and the employee is prompted to rekey the number. In addition, a description can be displayed at the terminal to further strengthen the validity of entered data.

    Generic Data Collection - What data do you want to collect? With TA200 you can configure custom terminal prompting. The system will collect the data, allow you to edit it, then export it into other systems such as spreadsheets and inventory control. TA200 can front end all your data collection needs.


    Let TA200 take over the menial & time consuming task of payroll preparation and adding up time cards, so you can spend more time increasing your business.

    The time consuming task of rekeying data for payroll services is a thing of the past with TA200. Automatic interfaces with many of the major payroll services are included with TA200.

    As your needs change, and your business grows, TA200 can be easily upgraded to our more powerful software systems, with no rekeying of data.

    Don't wait until the end of the pay period for attendance, time totals, and reports. With TA200, you can find any information you need in a multitude of easy to understand management reports, so you can make the right decisions at the time they need to be made.

    Know exactly where your employee's time and your dollars were spent. Implement YOUR rounding rules, not your employees. Eliminate Payday Panic. TA200 is the only "full featured" computerized Time & Attendance system that costs less than you would expect to spend for a comparable system.

    Because of the SIGNIFICANT cost savings TA200 can help you realize, by its low price, TA200 will easily pay for itself in less than one year.

    WHY Time Spot?

    Time Spot leads the way with the highest performance, lowest cost systems on the market. We offer unparalleled service and support. Our friendly, helpful customer support staff is ready and waiting to help you. Our standard warranty is the most comprehensive available on the market today and we also offer extended plans. Our extensive nationwide dealer network is in place to offer local installation and support when needed. We design and write all of our own software in-house and can offer custom solutions, if needed. With a full product line, including; Time & Attendance, Job Costing, Access Control, Bell Ringing and Data Collection, Time Spot has the right solution for any of your data collection needs.


    For the Software:

    1. IBM Compatible PC with a P133 or equivalent CPU
    2. Microsoft Windows 95/NT Operating System
    3. 100 MB of available hard disk space
    4. 16MB total memory with at least 544K free conventional memory
    5. Parallel port (for Hardware Key)
    6. Available Serial Port or Modem (for polling Time Clocks)

    For the Hardware:

    1. 110VAC Power


    1. Autopoll/Autoreport Module
    2. Job Costing Module
    3. Validation Module
    4. Messaging Module
    5. Profile Lockout Module
    6. Bell Control Module
    7. Access Control Module
    8. Terminal with bar code slot reader
    9. Bar Code Wand
    10. Operational battery backups
    11. Terminal printer

    Time Spot, a privately held company, is a leading provider of competitively priced and easy-to-use data collection terminals, software and peripherals. With more than three decades of experience in time equipment and related industries, Time Spot offers an economical, productive solution to virtually any data collection or timekeeping need.

    At Time Spot, our customers have always guided new product and application development. And that's why we're best known, today, for offering a wide range of extremely accurate, highly adaptable computerized timekeeping systems - systems we constantly update as our customers grow and as new technology becomes available.

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