Cost Justification

The most basic incentive for switching to an automated time & attendance system from Time Spot is the potential to increase profits through a reduction in over-payment of wages...

An automated Time & Attendance system from Time Spot will increase your profits by ensuring that you are only paying your employees for the time that you have scheduled them to work. Naturally, the ability to track job costing, print attendance reports and many of the other features of our systems will also bring your business additional benefits. The bottom line, however, is that an automated system simply does not make the mistakes that are unavoidable when using manual payroll calculation. As with any computerized system, ours can do the work of several people with speed and accuracy that no person could hope to match. An automated Time & Attendance system will apply your payroll policies without prejudice or preference. This means that you and your employees can rest assured that policies are being handled fairly in every instance... a computer doesn't play favorites, and it doesn't hold grudges.

Savings in the amount of time spent preparing payroll mean that your personnel are free to increase your company's productivity. In many cases, a three-day nightmare is reduced to five minutes of quick and easy computer work. Time Spot's systems are fast and friendly. Anyone with basic computer skills can learn to operate them with little or no training.

Ultimately, as these charts show, all of this adds up to savings in both time and money.

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