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Time Spot offers several valuable options to make Simplicity even more powerful...


This option enables Simplicity to perform the tasks of polling terminals, and generating reports at a pre-programmed time and date. For example, you might program Simplicity to poll your terminal and generate attendance reports at the end of every work day to free up your computer during the day and provide you with up to date data on a daily basis.


The archive option allows you to save data from your current data base to create an archive of employee attendance records. You may then purge your data base to save room on your hard drive. This option will also allow you to restore data should your current data become corrupted due to operator error or disk failure.


The bell control option will allow Simplicity to ring bells at pre-programmed dates and times.


With the payroll exports option, Simplicity can export your payroll data directly to a number of popular payroll companies via a standard dial-up phone line.

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