Simplicity Time & Attendance System

Put an end to your headaches with this complete Time & Attendance package...

Simplicity, by Time Spot, was designed to be exactly that: a simple to use, cost effective system that automates all of your Time & Attendance needs. Simplicity is a complete and ready to use system that includes: software, terminal, communications cable, "Get Started" guide with video, employee badges, and a technical reference manual. Simplicity is self-installing and no prior computer experience is needed to get it up and running. This full-featured and comprehensive management tool will help you gain greater control over productivity and provide the accuracy needed in your business operations.

Simplicity Software

The Simplicity Time & Attendance Software Package is an easy to use time and management tool that enables you to automate:

Since the Simplicity software is completely menu driven and easy to use, it can be quickly mastered by those with little or no prior computer experience.

TA520/530 Terminal

The TA520/530 Time and Data Terminal is used to capture and transmit data from your employees to the host computer, for processing by the Simplicity software. Key features of the TA520/530 terminal include:

The TA520/530 time and data terminal enables Simplicity to capture employee data without tying up your computer.

Cables and Badges

Keeping in line with the "Complete" system approach, Simplicity comes with a standard 6ft. RS232 communications cable to connect the TA520/530 Time and Data Terminal to your computer.

Simplicity also includes 102 Employee Badges. These pre-encoded magnetic stripe badges are used to identify the employees when they use the TA520/530 Time and Data Terminal.

Guide to Simplicity

The informative installation/training package included in the Simplicity system enables even those with no prior computer experience to easily install, set-up, and operate their new Simplicity Time and Attendance system. An installation video provides the necessary steps of how to install the terminal, as well as the software, and run the system.

Simplicity Highlights

Easy To Use - Simplicity is completely menu driven and uses color coded screens, all processes are clearly marked and follow a common operating thread throughout.

No Need For A Dedicated Computer - Simplicity runs off line and will collect and process data from the TA520/530 Time and Data Terminals at your request. With the optional Autopoll/Autoreport module, Simplicity can be set to automatically poll the data from the terminals, completely process the data, and print out the desired reports at night, freeing up your computer during business hours and providing you with the information you need the morning it's needed.

No Limitations - On the number of employess or departments; Simplicity is flexible to grow as your business grows.

Automated Scheduling - Allows you the flexibility of scheduling employees weekly, monthly, or as you need them. Once an employee schedule is set up, the system remembers it so you never have to key in schedules again.

Flexible Reporting - All reports can be printed by pay period or by selected start/end dates. This gives you the ability to run year-to-date reports on any totals right up to the last time the terminal was polled.

Flexible Lists - of employees, departments, badges, schedules, assignments, and more can be generated at any time. Each report may be either displayed on the screen, printed, or sent to a file for use at a later date.

Punch For Lunches Or Let The System Automatically Deduct The Time - Rules may be set up to not pay long lunches or to dock tardy returns.

Supports Both Open And Fixed Shifts - Employees may be assigned a specific start and stop time or employees may come and go at random. Rounding rules may be set-up around the punch time or the start/stop times to guard from overpaying employees.

Multiple Wages - Employees may be assigned multiple wages, one for each department they work in.

Punch Editing At The Terminal Or PC - Supervisors can enter missed punches and do other edits at the terminal, or look up punches contained in the terminal.

On Premises Reports - Know who's out, and which department they are currently in. These reports help you keep track of your employees and their productivity.

Three Levels of Overtime - Simplicity supports three levels of overtime on both a daily and pay period basis. You may also pay overtime if a specific day-of-week is worked.

No Period End Closing Procedures - All data is available at any time for reporting.

Supports Multiple Pay Periods - Simplicity supports Weekly, BiWeekly, SemiWeekly, and Monthly pay periods.

Allows Employee Transfers - Employees may perform department transfers at the terminal. This allows the employee's time to be broken down between different departments within your company. Multiple wages are supported.

Automatic Daylight Savings - Simplicity automatically changes time for daylight savings. Employee times are automatically adjusted accordingly.

Auto Punch Correcting - Simplicity compensates for employee double punching and correcting wrong entries by only taking the last entry when the terminal is used multiple times within two minutes.

Cross Punching - When using multiple terminals with Simplicity, employees may punch at any terminal. This allows employees to punch in on one terminal, perform a department transfer on another, then drive 40 miles and clock out on a remote modem terminal.

Bell Ringing - The optional Bell Module allows you to define a bell ringing schedule. Each bell is defined by a day-of-week, time-of day, and ring duration. Simplicity can ring up to 336 bells per week.

Multitude of Reports - The following are just some of the reports standard with the Simplicity system:

Please see the Simplicity reports sampler for a more in-depth description of these and other Simplicity reports.

Variable Field Lengths - Supports employees and department numbers of up to 10 alphanumeric characters.

Bar Code Wand - Supports a bar code wand for entering such items as department numbers, employee data, etc.

Window Editor - Our window editor provides a simple means of correcting wrong punches and adding time such as Holiday and Vacation.

Password Protection - Allows you limited access to different areas of the software.

AM/PM or Military Time - Reports may be printed, and the terminal may display the time in either military or AM/PM format.

Change Key Field Names - A unique feature of the system is the ability to change the names of key fields and have all the menus and reports change to reflect the new name. For example, if you don't have Departments, but you do have Cost Centers, just change the name Department to Cost Centers and all references to Departments will change to Cost Centers.

Built-In Utilities - In case of a power failure or computer problems, the Simplicity system's utilities allow for easy recovery of your data.

Terminal Storage - The terminal included in Simplicity can hold up to 3000 punches before polling is required. This allows you poll only when you want to.

Background polling - The terminal can be polled at any time with no interference to employee punching.

MultiTerminal Installations - Even though the Simplicity Package comes with one terminal, the Simplicity Package can support an extensive number of data collection terminals.

Built-In Data Export - Simplicity comes standard with a data export feature so timecard data may be sent to other in-house systems. Exports to many of the major payroll companies are also available.

Support Remote Locations - Simplicity may be purchased with a modem terminal, which enables remote locations to transfer their Time and Attendance data over a standard phone line to the host PC. The terminals may be programmed with an "Answer Window" to only answer the phone at a specified time. When used in conjunction with the optional Autopoll/Autoreporting, the system allows you to use a standard phone line and automatically dials-up the terminal at night whenever no one is there.

Context Sensitive Help Screens - Every field in Simplicity has its own help screen, making Simplicity the most user friendly system on the market.

Easy For Employees To Use - With a simple swipe and key press, Simplicity takes less of your employee's time than a mechanical time clock. Its easy to read vacuum florescent display provides a clear picture under bad lighting conditions. Accept and Reject tones aid employees and reduce errors.

Hours/Wage Breakdowns - The system will show you how many labor hours and/or dollars were spent, not only by employee, but by department and group.

Unlimited Categories Of Time - The system covers such items as Vacation, Sick Days, Holidays, Jury Duty, etc.

3 Forms of Data Output - All reports and lists may be printed, displayed on the monitor, or sent to a data file.

One Step Global Entries - If you need to make a punch entry that effects a group of employees, the system will let you make it once and apply it to all employees in the group. For example, power goes out and you need to send everyone home, but you didn't order the operational battery backup for the terminal. You can give everyone an out punch with just one command at the PC the same or next day.

Benefits of Simplicity

Let Simplicity take over the menial and time consuming task of payroll preparation and adding up timecards, so you can spend more time increasing your business.

The time-consuming task of re-keying data for payroll services is a thing of the past, with Simplicity. Optional automatic interfaces, with many of the major payroll services, can be purchased from your Time Spot dealer.

As your needs change, and your business grows, Simplicity can be easily upgraded to the more powerful TA200 software, with no re-keying of data.

Don't wait until the end of the pay period for attendance, time totals, and reports. With Simplicity, you can find any information you need in a multitude of easy to understand management reports, so you can make the right decisions at the time they need to be made.

Know exactly where your employee's time and your dollars were spent. Implement YOUR rounding rules, not your employees. Eliminate Payday Panic. The only "full featured" computerized time and attendance system that is less than the cost of an electro-mechanical time clock.

Because of the SIGNIFICANT cost savings Simplicity can help you realize, the system will easily pay for itself in less than one year.

Why Time Spot

Time Spot leads the way with the highest performance, lowest cost systems on the market. We offer unparalleled service and support. Our friendly, helpful customer support staff is ready and waiting to help you. Our standard warranty is the most comprehensive available on the market today and we also offer extended plans. Our extensive nationwide dealer network is in place to offer local installation and support when needed. We design and write all of our own software in-house and can offer custom solutions, if needed; with a full product line, including Time & Attendance, Job Costing, Access Control, Bell Ringing, Data Collection, Battery Backups, and Wireless Communications, Time Spot has the right solution for any of your data collection needs.


For the Software:

  1. 386 PC compatible or larger
  2. MSDOS version 3.3 or newer
  3. 10 MB of available hard disk space
  4. 544 available RAM memory
  5. Serial port
  6. Printer

For the Hardware:

  1. 110VAC Power

Simplicity Options & Peripherals

  1. Autopoll/AutoReporting Module (software)
  2. Payroll interface (software)
  3. Archive Module
  4. Bell Control Module
  5. Internal Modem or LAN terminal
  6. Terminal with bar code slot reader
  7. Bar Code Wand
  8. Operational battery backups
  9. Terminal printer
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