Make the most of your Data Collection Terminals with this simple utility.

TACOMM is designed to be a simple to use, cost effective PC software utility that helps you to automate both your DATA COLLECTION and ACCESS CONTROL. TACOMM works exclusively with Time Spot's Data Collection Terminals and best of all, you don't have to be a programmer to use it. TACOMM can be used to upload files to the terminal and download transactions from the terminal. This easy to use communication programming tool will help you gain greater control over productivity and provide the accuracy needed in your business operations.

Programming - TACOMM utilizes Terminal Control Programming (TCP), which is a powerful programming language developed by Time Spot to simplify and expedite the process of programming terminals.

Using TCP, you can program custom prompts and change the sequence in which prompts are displayed in the terminal. You can also develop a new program for any data collection application, requiring the ability to collect and transfer transactions. TCP allows you to build upload tables which can be used to grant access, provide profile lockout schedules, validate department/job numbers, and display messages.


No Need For A Dedicated Computer - TACOMM runs on an IBM PC or 100% compatible computer. TACOMM operates off line and will collect and process data from the Data Collection Terminals at your request.

Automated Communications - TACOMM controls all the communications, from communication protocols to guaranteeing data integrity.

No Limitations - Since TACOMM polls/programs one terminal per command line, and you can utilize as many command lines as you need, TACOMM can support an unlimited number of terminals. TACOMM is flexible to grow as your data collection needs change.

Simple Programming - With any ASCII text editor you can define a download file. This file contains tables, prompts, and operating parameters used by the terminal. For example, "IP=Time Spot INC" will change the idle prompt to say, "Time Spot INC". TACOMM downloads this program to the terminal so it can then operate using your company's terminology, not ours.

Three Forms Of Data Output - When retrieving transactions from the terminal, the records can be written to a file in: Field Length Sensitive, Comma Delimited, or Full Communication Protocol Format.

Background Polling - Terminals can be polled at any time by executing TACOMM in command line mode. This allows you to "SPAWN" or use a batch file to start TACOMM. TACOMM can run in "Quiet" mode, which will suppress screen feedback. Upon exiting TACOMM will return status codes informing you on the condition of its execution. TACOMM will poll the terminals with no interference to employee punching.

Together with our Data Collection Terminals, TACOMM will help you realize a SIGNIFICANT cost savings over manual methods of data collection. One of our systems will easily pay for itself in less than one year.

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