TA620 Data Collection Terminal

The TA620 is a full-featured data collection terminal that allows several different forms of input and communication methods. A few of the unique features of the TA620 Data Collection Terminal are: the ability to print directly to both serial and parallel printers, user programmable function keys, and multi-level prompting. Most importantly, the TA620 can provide all these features at a competitive price.

The TA620 is available with these valuable options:

Four Methods of data input...

Keypad - The most flexible method of entering data is certainly the keypad. Data can be limited to just numeric with or without a decimal point, or data can include all alphanumeric characters including some special characters and even spaces. Keypad input also provides a backspace/erase key to correct the input before completing the transaction.

Magnetic Stripe - Low energy Magnetic striped badges, similar to common credit cards, provide consistent and reliable data input. Magnetic striped photo ID badges are normally used for employee identification and provide accurate input of the employee ID number into the terminal. Magnetic striped cards can also be recycled, re-encoded, and used again.

Bar Code - Bar codes are becoming more and more the industry standard for quick and accurate entry of data. Bar code photo ID badges are normally used for employee identification as well as provide accurate input of the employee ID number into the terminal. Bar Codes are easily printed on many computer laser printers and can be affixed to most anything such as work orders, inventory parts, equipment/machines, and more.

Optional Bar Code Wand - The bar code wand is hand-held, attached on a six foot coiled cord. It may be used for entering data from various sources such as work orders, packing lists, and inventory parts.

Three forms of flexible computer communications...

Not all of your data collection comes from around the corner or down the hall. Flexible computer communication is inherent to the terminal. The TA620 features background polling. Employees can perform transactions at the terminal while communication is taking place with the host computer. The terminal can communicate at baud rates from 300-19,200.

Direct RS232 - Every terminal comes with a serial port. The serial port may be directly connected to the serial port on your host computer providing immediate access at any time. This is the most common communication connection. The terminal may be hundreds of feet away, depending upon the RS232 driver chip in your host computer. The Transaction Print option allows the terminal to be hooked to a serial printer allowing a supervisor to print out transaction lists at the terminal.

Modem - A 1200 baud internal modem provides for remote access by the host computer. The modem terminal must be connected to a telephone line using a standard RJ11 telephone plug. The host computer may use either an internal or external modem. Programming is allowed to set the terminal's answer time of day and ring delay. If you wish to communicate faster than 1200 baud, every terminal can have an external modem connected to the terminal's serial port.

RS485 Local Area Network (LAN) - The LAN interface allows many terminals on one host computer connection. Time Spot's RS485 Lan is a Local Area Clock Network. The clock network is controlled from your computer's serial port using a single twisted pair wire. The characteristics of the RS485 allow the total length of the network to be up to one mile when using an internal RS485 card. The LAN also provides a direct connection with immediate access at any time. Multiple remote clocks in the same location may be supported using the Time Spot Smart Converter. At the remote site, an external modem is connected to the Smart Converter's serial port, and communications pass through the Smart Converters RS485 port.

Parallel printer support.

The TA620 contains an integrated 25 pin parallel port which supports most standard parallel printers. The terminal can print many standard transaction lists, including a list that prints as transactions occur.

Supervisor Editing.

Remember, employees are only human; and being human, they forget. That's why the TA620 allows for the entry of a missed transaction. Using a special supervisor badge, the terminal enters "supervisor" mode, in which any transaction can be entered for the employee at the time that it should have occurred. The supervisor mode also allows you to recall and delete previous employee transactions by date, time and employee number. From the terminal the supervisor can print out all transactions stored in the terminal, all transactions for an single employee, all transactions for a specific date, or print all transactions for one particular function key.

Durable plastic construction with a feather touch membrane keypad.

At Time Spot, we recognize that employees may not treat electronic equipment the way an accountant might. That's why the TA620 is constructed of an impact resistant plastic which, pound-for-pound, is stronger than steel, yet light-weight and attractive. The TA620 has a feather touch membrane keypad, which creates a water tight seal against the outside elements, including protection from a spilled cup of coffee! The feather touch keypad employs the latest keypad technology and has been designed to provide your business with years of trouble free operation. The TA620's built-in mounting bracket is designed to be adjustable for both wall or desk installations.

40 character (2x20) LCD display.

The TA620 comes with a 40 character Backlit Dot Matrix Liquid Crystal Display. The TA620 allows for both upper and lower case alphanumeric characters. By utilizing the two line display, questions can be asked on the top line and responses can be displayed on the bottom line. One optional display is available for the TA620: a highly advanced filtered vacuum florescent display. This means that under almost any lighting condition, the terminal will give you a clear picture. After all, you can't expect proper data collection if you can't see what you're entering. All of this helps make Time Spot's TA620 terminal one of the most complete data entry terminals in the business.

Battery backed memory.

"When the power goes out, what happens to my data?" This is a question frequently asked by the customer. The answer is NOTHING! The TA620 terminal has an internal Lithium battery which keeps your data safe even if the power is out for months. Many other clocks stop keeping time or lose time all together when the power goes out for any length of time. The TA620's internal battery not only holds the memory, but keeps the time and calendar accurate. With the addition of the optional external battery backup, all functions are 100% operational if power is removed. Once power resumes, the battery automatically recharges. With the TA620 terminal, your collected data is no longer at the mercy of your utility company.

Accept/Reject tones.

Do your employees always watch what they're doing? It has been proven that audible tones often help to emphasize how instructions are being followed. This is why the TA620 has two distinct accept/reject tones. When an employee does not follow proper terminal operation, they not only receive an error message, but also a long and low error tone. Every correct entry into the terminal is followed by a short, high accept tone. For noisy environments, an optional Feedback Enhancer can be added. The Feedback Enhancer provides a green accept light, red reject light, and amplified tone.

Ten programmable function keys in addition to IN and OUT.

One of the most important features of the TA620 is the ability to program its ten function keys. Each key can be programmed to collect up to six items of data, plus the initial employee I.D. and time stamp. For example, after swiping his identification badge, an employee could press function key 2 and be prompted to input a work order number, part number, and then be prompted to input a quantity. This demonstrated just three items of data. Please note that the data input at each level can be restricted to bar code, keypad, magnetic stripe, or any combination. In addition to the function keys, the terminal contains 3 screen addressable selection keys and a forward & backspace key.

Signal control.

So, you say that you need to ring bells and open doors? The TA620 can do both at the same time! With the optional Bell/Access Module and Signal Control Relay, the terminal can activate a dry-contact closure (normally open or normally closed) and/or turn on a 120VAC 10 AMP circuit. The Signal Control Relay can be turned on by both a specific employee badge/number for access control or by time of day for bell ringing. The duration time is also programmable. It does not matter what you plug into the Signal Control Relay, the terminal will turn it on and off.

Data input validation.

The TA620 eliminates key stroke errors and increases job costing accuracy by allowing you to download tables of valid entries. When an employee keys or swipes a number, in response to your prompt, the entered number is compared to the numbers you downloaded as being valid. The terminal will automatically reject bad entries and accept valid entries, while optionally displaying the particular item's name. Employees may also be restricted from entering unauthorized departments on an individual basis.

Lockout scheduling.

Eliminate unauthorized overtime by scheduling when employees can use the terminal. With this feature you can: lockout tardiness, lockout early birds, force late arrivals and early departures to notify the supervisor in order to punch. Control punching by time of day and day of week. The TA620 even gives specific messages to employees as to why they were locked out. Supervisors may be allowed to override a lockout. When used with access control, you can define schedules for employee access.

Employee messaging.

After an employee enters their ID number, the terminal can display a 16 character message to that employee. Messages such as the employee's name, hours worked, or work location can be downloaded to the terminal. Messages are specific to each employee, so messages such as "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" can give your TA620 terminal that human touch.

Enhanced Memory.

So how can the TA620 accomplish all this? While most terminals come standard with 32K or 64K of memory, the TA620 comes standard with 128K. If more is required, the TA620 can be upgraded to 256K. With the TA620's advanced file management system, tables such as access control, validation, scheduling, and messaging can be expanded, compressed, added or removed completely, without necessitating the complete download of other tables or affecting the current transactions.

REMEMBER, keeping track of employee time on various tasks and accurate accounting of your inventory is essential in determining productivity and profitability. The TA620 provides an easy and cost effective means of gathering this type of data. If the data you're after can be mag-striped, bar coded, or entered through a keypad, the TA620 can time stamp it, record it, and feed it to your computer, while performing other tasks at the same time!

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