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Expand the base Genesis system from a powerful time & attendance system into a total business solution...

Data Collection Terminals: From a single terminal, to a network of multiple remote terminals, Genesis can automatically poll employee punches and program terminals to allow access, ring bells and more. Any of our accurate, reliable terminals will be a powerful addition to your time & attendance system. Genesis will support an unlimited number of terminals to grow as your business grows.

Support For Unlimited Employees: You'll never run out of room to support your staffing needs.

Support For Concurrent System Users: With this powerful feature, your supervisors will be free to access the system when it's convenient for them. Problems can be attended to in a timely manner. Overtime can be approved on the spot. Time cards can be edited whenever the operator has the need. No time is lost waiting for another operator to finish.

The Job Costing & Validation Module enables you to accurately track items and labor costs and distribute them by department, job, step, and operation. It allows for a more detailed breakdown of cost information which can be reported in both hours and dollars. The four levels of tracking can be renamed to fit your company's needs. This module also helps you eliminate the input of invalid data by allowing you to define the valid department, job, step, or operation numbers for a given employee. When the employee enters an invalid number at the terminal, the message "INVALID ENTRY" is displayed and the employee is prompted to re-key the number.

The Bell Control Module allows you to define bell ringing schedules and prompt terminals to activate a user supplied bell, alarm, or other audible signaling device. Each bell can be defined by the day-of-week and time-of-day as well as the duration of the ring. GENESIS can ring up to 336 bells per terminal, per week.

The Access Control & Profile Lockout Module allows you to define intervals of time in which employees can enter a punch at the terminal. You can lockout or warn employees who attempt to punch IN or OUT at times other than their scheduled shifts. This module provides control of punching by time of day and day of week. Supervisors can be allowed to override these lockouts if desired. This module also allows you to lockout unauthorized personnel. An employee's access can be restricted to certain locations. With the use of this module, schedules may be downloaded to each terminal controlling the actual time-of-day and day-of-week that the employee is allowed access.

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