TASC Interface Software...

A valuable tool for interfacing the TASC terminal with a major payroll service, accounting software, or spreadsheet program.

The TASC Interface Software is a simple to use system which allows the TASC terminal to interface with outside packages such as your accounting, payroll, and spreadsheet software. The TASC Interface Software eliminates the need to re-key employee hours and tips from the TASC's Payroll Report into your software package.

The TASC Interface Software supports the same types of communications supported by the TASC terminal. This includes RS232 serial, RS485 multi-drop LAN, and modem communications. When communicating with the TASC, hours matching those of the payroll report are transmitted to the software. The software allows you to upload either the current or previous pay period totals. Optionally, you can elect to have the TASC terminal print a payroll report at the time of transmission. This gives the supervisor at the terminal location a confirmation of the data that was sent to the software.

The TASC Interface Software allows you to download employees and policies to the TASC. If you create a download file with another software package, the TASC Interface Software can utilize that file to program the TASC terminal.

The TASC Interface Software contains a separate communication utility. This utility allows you to drive communications from an outside program. If you have your own software package and wish to have TASC feed hour totals or transactions into it, this communication utility will allow you to perform all the functions of the TASC Interface Software in the background of your software.

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