TASC Accessories...

To further enhance its performance, the TASC system can be upgraded with many valuable options and accessories.


Metal Case:

The die-cast metal case provides the extra protection needed for adverse (abusive) environments. This option provides extra space for concealing communications cables and provides the room needed to mount the TASC directly over a standard wall outlet. In addition, the metal case includes a sealed silicone rubber keypad to further protect the terminal against moisture. The metal case TASC is designed to provide years of service under harsh conditions.

Internal Modem:

The internal modem provides for remote access by a host computer. This allows you to dial up multiple TASC's at different remote locations, using either GENESIS, TACOMM, or the TASC Interface Software. Using this option you can communicate the TASC's transactions or edited payroll totals to the host system via standard phone lines. When using the GENESIS software, employee and policy information can be downloaded to the remote TASC terminals.

Internal Slot Bar Code Reader:

In many instances, bar code style badges are preferred over magnetic stripe badges because they are easily reproduced by in-house bar code lable makers. The Internal Slot Bar Code Reader allows the TASC to read a 3 of 9 (code 39) style bar code badge. This option permits the TASC to read both types of badges (magnetic stripe and bar code) within the terminals slot while still allowing the use of an external bar code wand.


P250 Printer:

The P250 printer is a 40 column dot matrix serial roll printer that connects to the TASC's serial port. The P250 can be used to print reports and listings directly from the TASC. The P250's compact size and portability make it ideal in situations where a large, bulky printer would be impractical. The P250 can use carbonless paper to provide two copies of any printout. Additionally, the P250 utilizes a two color ribbon that will highlight, in RED, exceptions such as missing punches and supervisor edits.

Bar Code Wand:

Eliminate the time and errors associated with the keying in of employee and department numbers. The Bar Code Wand provides a quick error free means of entering department transfers from a variety of sources. The wand comes with a 6ft coiled cable which allows you the mobility to swipe a work order or posted bar code sheet.

Operational Battery Backup:

Although the TASC's internal lithium battery will keep your data safe in case of a power outage, the terminal is inoperable. With the Operational Battery Back-up, the TASC will remain fully functional for up to four hours after power is lost. Once power is restored, the battery will automatically recharge itself.

Parallel Printer Interface:

The Parallel Printer Interface converts serial communications to parallel. This option will allow you to print reports directly from the TASC to a standard 80 column parallel printer.

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