TASC Stand Alone Time & Attendance

TASC (Time Spot Stand-alone Clock) is a self-contained Time & Attendance system that does not require a Computer.


TASC by Time Spot is a complete and comprehensive automated time and attendance system that does not require a PC. TASC eliminates the time consuming, frustrating, costly, error-prone routines associated with a manual or timecard based time and attendance system. The system collects employee time, applies your company policies, and generates reports. TASC is easy to program as well as operate. It was designed to be simple enough for non-computer personnel to install, set up, and operate. TASC is perfect for smaller businesses, franchises, and large businesses with multiple small locations.

TASC allows employees to perform all normal timeclock functions (IN, OUT, and LUNCH transactions) using either the keypad or credit card style badges. In addition, the employees can record tips, transfer departments, and optionally print their own timecards. Supervisors can print timecards, missing transactions, hours summary, department summary, and payroll reports. TASC can also be programmed to generate these reports automatically at a designated time and day of the week or everyday. Supervisors may also print listings of transactions, who's IN, and who's NOT IN (absent), along with listings of employees, their assignments and defined Company Policies. All of these printouts, with the exception of the who's IN/NOT IN and policy listing, can be done for one employee or all employees. The supervisor can also enter and edit employees, transactions, and category functions (Sick, Vacation, etc.), and set the TASC date and time. TASC maintains historical data, allowing reports to be printed for the current or previous pay periods. With TASC there are no pay period closing procedures. TASC also eliminates the time consuming set up of time cards and payroll information associated with the start of a new pay period.

Gain control over unauthorized overtime. Using TASCs employee lockout feature you can prevent employees from punching outside of their defined shifts. Supervisors can approve overtime by overriding the lockout. TASC will let you know when a supervisor approves a lockout override by flagging them on the transaction list. TASC allows employees to transfer departments right at the terminal. When transferring, the employee only needs to input the new department number, TASC automatically logs them out of the old department. Department numbers may be entered using the optional bar code wand. Never again worry about an employee's time being inaccurate due to the daylight savings change. TASC automatically adjusts for daylight savings time, requiring no operator intervention. Know exactly where your employee's time is spent.

TASC is designed to maintain over 3700 transactions. This will accommodate over 100 employees on a weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly schedule. It will also allow you to define whether employees punch OUT and IN for lunch, the duration of the lunch period, and if the lunch period is paid or not. You are also able to define the shift Start and Stop times, punch rounding at the Start/Stop times, and also punch rounding between the Start and Stop times. The TASC will maintain fifteen different Policy definitions.

TASC will display the employee's name and their weekly accumulated regular and overtime hours when clocking IN and OUT. This eliminates the need for the employee to see a paper time card. You have the option to allow employees to print a time card by simply pressing a function key on the clock and within seconds they will have a current pay period time card.

TASC will support a P250 printer or an 80 column serial printer. The P250 is a 40 column dot matrix printer, which can use carbonless paper to provide two copies of any printout. The P250 will highlight, in RED, exceptions such as missing punches and supervisor edits. A special 'Y' cable allows TASC to share the credit card authorization terminal's P250 printer. The optional Parallel Interface Converter allows you to connect your TASC directly to an 80 column parallel printer. TASC can be setup to print it's reports in the larger, easier to read, 80 column format.

TASC is available in an injection molded plastic housing, that provides a tough, yet lightweight, attractive covering. It's also available in a die-cast metal housing for a more rugged industrial environment. The TASC internal lithium battery keeps your data safe and the time and calendar accurate even if the power is out for up to seven months.

TASC has the dual capability to function as a stand-alone clock or to communicate transactions or payroll totals to a payroll service or accounting software. Thus, eliminating the time consuming chore of re-keying payroll data. This is accomplished by using a personal computer running the TASC interface software, TA100, TA200, TACOMM, or GENESIS software package. TASC supports communications to a PC via RS232 serial port, RS485 LAN port, or internal modem. With an optional internal modem, you can remotely transfer the TASC data over standard dial up phone lines. When utilizing the TASC terminal with Time Spot's TA200 or GENESIS Time & Attendance system, time and attendance information can be calculated and reports can be printed at the remote location (no PC required). Then, the edited transactions from the remote locations are automatically transferred and merged into one file on the TA200 or GENESIS system at the central location. The supervisors at the remote locations can run their own management reports and perform any needed edits, at the TASC terminal. The TA200 or GENESIS system will report the combined data of all the remote TASC terminals. The TA200 or GENESIS software can also be used to add new employees into the remote TASC terminals.


Timely Information - The TASC allows supervisors to access management reports at any given time, which is extremely important in helping them make accurate decisions regarding an employee's overtime, scheduling, etc. The autoreporting feature generates management reports automatically, at a predesignated time. Employee "time theft" can be eliminated with this type of timely reporting. For example, an employee arrives late and they "forget" to punch in. The supervisor automatically prints out a Missing Punch Report daily, thus notifying management of the missing punch for that day, rather than it becoming a negotiation between the supervisor and the employee at the end of the pay period.

Accurate Information - All hours are recorded electronically, reports are accurate to the minute.

Increased Productivity - Supervisors are freed from several time consuming functions, such as adding time cards. This allows them to get back to the business of supervising. Elimination of arbitration time between employees and supervisors will result in improved productivity and morale.

Improved Scheduling - Within the system, each employee can be assigned to his/her own schedule within a particular set of pay rules, controlling start/stop times and lunch duration. Rounding rules can be defined to limit pay for unauthorized early arrival and late departure.

Control Labor Costs - TASC provides the capability to enforce schedules and apply rounding, restricting the payment of time outside the employee's schedule. Additionally, employees can be locked out from punching at an unscheduled time, eliminating unauthorized overtime. Controlling unauthorized overtime significantly impacts unnecessary labor costs.

Uniform Application of Policies - The system automatically applies all predefined policies, regarding time and attendance, consistently to all employees without the errors inherent in personal interpretations.


Fairness - All payroll policies are applied uniformly without prejudice, which minimizes costly arbitration and employee discord.

Informative - Employees can be informed daily of total hours worked and can concentrate on productivity, rather than questions regarding their time and attendance.

Simple - The TASC is easy to operate. Merely swipe a card and push the IN or OUT button. It could not be any easier or faster.

Accuracy - Time Spot's state-of-the-art technology reassures employees of paycheck \accuracy, which can have a positive effect on morale and productivity.


Time card Report:

This report is designed to replace the old-fashioned punch clock time card. The report is easy to read and shows all punches and totals for the pay period. The Timecard Report:

Missing Punch Report:

The Missing Punch Report provides a list of punches that do not pair-up. Therefore, the missing punch can easily be isolated and edited. The Missing Punch Report:

Hours Summary Report:

The Hours Summary Report clearly shows regular, overtime, and total hours for the pay period. This report can be used as a source document in payroll preparation. The Hours Summary Report:

Department Report:

The Department Report shows totals for the pay period summarized by department. This can be especially helpful in making a budget vs. actual analysis. The Department Report:

Payroll Report:

The Payroll Report shows totals for each employee, broken down by department and pay type. This report is designed to be used when calling/keying in payroll to an outside payroll service or accounting software. The Payroll Report:

Transaction List:

The Transaction List chronologically details all transactions in the clock. This "audit trail" can be useful in the detailed tracking of any employee's punches. The Transaction List:

Who's In Report:

Management frequently requires a Who's In Report shortly after the start of the shift to uncover manpower shortages. The Who's In Report:

Who's Not In Report:

This report isolates which employees are scheduled to be on the premises and have not yet punched IN. This can be extremely helpful to management so that they may redeploy the labor force. The Who's Not In Report:

Employee List:

The Employee List is a roster of all active employees in the TASC System. It shows the employee's name, employee number, badge number, department, and policy rules assigned to that employee. The Employee List:

Policy List:

The Policy List details all pay rules, including shift start and stop time, grace period, and rounding. TASC's ability to have up to 15 separate sets of rules, make it unique in its price range. The Policy List:

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