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TIME SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL (1-800-882-4400) has sold Time Recording Equipment since 1920, and Time and Attendance since 1980. They have carried the Time Spot product line since 1992.

"Time Spot offers a wide variety of time and attendance solutions allowing us to meet the specific needs of each customer."

"Time Spot's technical support and programming staff is the best in the business. They respond immediately to our questions and comments, which results in a constantly improving product line and a growing list of satisfied customers."

ACCUTRONICS, INC. (1-210-736-5300) has been carrying the Time Spot product line for the last sixteen years.

"We have been selling this product since 1989. Most of our original clients still use this system and have upgraded to the Genesis Y2K software. Once you have used Time Spot's products... you stay with it!"

"GREAT! Customer Service."

KANE SYSTEMS EUROPE (011-441-943-600871) is a Master Distributor for Time Spot in the UK.

" We wanted a quality driven Time Management System and Time Spot had all the answers."

"Time Spot's team of dedicated professionals gives us all the support we ever need."


"Time Spot's system solved our company's timekeeping and payroll problems at an affordable price."

"The Time Spot system is extremely flexible and easily adaptable to company growth."

"We were able to implement the Time Spot system in a few days. It's simple to learn and easy to use."

"We needed a system that would interface with our payroll service. The Time Spot (software) does that easily and accurately. I could never use a manual time clock again."

"We currently have 600 employees on the system. The Time Spot system is easy to operate and requires very little support. We have four terminals, saving us several hours of labor that would have been required."

"We needed a job cost system here in our machine shop. Tracking accurate labor costs was even more important than time and attendance data. The job costing system allows for simple data collection and accurate, meaningful job labor analysis."

"Your Category Count Report was a real eye opener. We had one employee who had been out sick 9 times, all on Mondays."

"The Time Spot system customizes to fit our unique applications."

"Your Approaching Overtime Report allows me to select which employees I can utilize without incurring premium pay. This feature has saved us hundreds of dollars."

"We only pay holidays if the employee works the day before or the day after. The software monitors this automatically and saves us clerical time and accidental overpayments to employees."

"Time Spot continuously updates our software with new features. Therefore, we are comfortable that our software will never become obsolete."

The previous statements are from just a few of the satisfied Time Spot customers. These customers, and many others like them, have discovered that an automated system from Time Spot saves both time and money and quickly pays for itself. The following are samplings of actual customer applications:


Cragar Industries, Inc., a leader in the automotive custom wheel market, turned to Time Spot when faced with internal challenges involving facility security and employee time management. Cragar had been using manual time clocks to track employee hours. Each pay period took four managers several hours to examine, correct and calculate the numerous time cards. This process took three days per pay period and was plagued with errors, despite a stringent "double-checking" process.

At the same time, Cragar identified a safety and security puzzle that needed solving - access control to the manufacturing plant. "With heavy machinery and forklifts everywhere, it is just too dangerous to have people in the plant that are not in tune with a manufacturing environment." Theft control was also a prime concern, because effective theft control means lower product costs, resulting in lower costs at the retail level.

Time Spot's solution to the Cragar puzzle included the use of five data collection terminals with external access readers and time and attendance software with Autopoll, Access Control and Profile Lockout options. The local Time Spot dealer handled this intricate installation, which included training Cragar's payroll personnel.

"Time Spot's Access Control system has directly contributed to theft control, thus, paying for itself in a short period of time. It has also provided Cragar with a system by which both employee and visitor entry is controlled for personnel safety and plant security."

"The Time Spot system is extremely flexible and easily adaptable to company growth. Now it only takes one morning per week to process payroll, which is a savings of approximately 18 hours of manual labor. Time Spot's system is very easy to use; our supervisors need little, if any, instruction."


Penn Racquet Sports, an operating unit of GenCorp Polymer Products, makes more tennis balls than any other firm in the United States. Penn has an annual market share of 50 percent - an estimated 10 million dozen tennis balls. However, unlike their tennis balls, Penn's payroll system did not have the consistent performance needed to meet their weekly payroll demands. Many long days were spent calculating time cards and payroll would take over three days to complete.

According to Penn's Systems Manager, Rich Gliha, "Ease of use was the key. Time Spot was the one product out there that could be easily implemented and packaged to fit my business."

With the Time Spot system, payroll takes only about five minutes. The employees enter the data and the system automatically does the rest. With the use of the standard exporting capability, Penn is able to integrate their Time Spot system with their payroll package. This saves Penn about 20 hours per week in payroll processing.

"I can't possibly measure the total amount of time and money that we have saved since 1990, but I know that the Time Spot system paid for itself long ago."

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