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The amount of flexibility built into each of our time & attendance systems means that they can be used in a wide variety of industries...

One of the benefits of using a time and attendance system from Time Spot is the extensive flexibility we build into every system that we sell. Time Spot systems are "parameter driven". You define key system fields with the parameters that match your company's needs. If your policies change, you can adjust them at any time without the need for factory modifications. Whichever system you choose, you never have to settle for default values. Time Spot systems adjust to match your company's policies.

With a wide variety of software modules and hardware accessories, you can customize your system to meet your industries specific requirements. With installations in environments ranging from manufacturing to banking, Time Spot has a system to meet and exceed virtually any need. Time Spot equipment has proven to be extremely dependable with thousands of units in use providing trouble free operation. Units operating in harsh environments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, shipyards, garages, retail outlets, etc. emphasize the high quality and durability of our product line. Our terminals are durable enough for correctional facilities, yet attractive enough to be in the lobby of a doctor's office. Our software is simple enough for a person with little or no computer experience to operate, yet, comprehensive enough to accommodate the complex needs of a union labor environment.

Besides single location companies, our highly adaptable systems can be configured for a multitude of different corporate environments. For example, in franchises or businesses with numerous satellite locations, such as banks, the Time Spot TASC terminal, in conjunction with our time and attendance software, is a perfect fit. In this scenario, time and attendance information can be calculated and reports generated at the remote location through the TASC terminal (no PC required). Then, the payroll totals from the remote locations are automatically transferred and merged into one file at the central location (on the computer running our time and attendance software). The supervisors at the remote location can perform any needed edits, such as adding vacation or sick time, at the TASC terminal. They can also run management reports such as: Who's In/Out, Department Totals, Timecard, Payroll, and more. The central location can do final edits and run system reports, consolidating all the information from the satellite locations.

In addition to time and attendance, a system from Time Spot can be used for raw data collection or to front-ddd2272c. For example, the terminals can be programmed to collect inventory and part numbers. This information can be brought into the time and attendance system, edited, then exported to a third party inventory control package. No matter how your business is structured, our flexible communications network allows you to gather data from any location. Whether it's serial, LAN or remote modem communications, Time Spot has the solution for your data collection needs.

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