Data Collection Options

Enterprise Time Management Solution


  • Features easy operation custom voice prompts
  • Provides accurate, reliable data
  • Eliminates the unavoidable errors associated with manually collected data
  • Is user programmable
  • Offers a variety of options
  • Employees Can Gain Access From Anywhere


Admin Desktop

Turns Any Touch-Tone Telephone Into A Sophisticated Employee Collection, Editing & Information Retrieval System.

Additional Options:

  • More Economical Than Conventional Time Clocks
  • Eliminates The Unavoidable Errors Associated With Manually Collected Data
  • Features Easy Operation Through Custom Voice Prompts
  • Provides Accurate, Reliable Data
  • Employees Can Gain Access From Anywhere
  • Data Input Validation
  • Employee Hours Review
  • User Programmable
  • Real-Time Operation
  • Caller ID Verification
  • Supports Profile/Restricted To Schedule Lockout
  • Available for both GENESIS PRO/SQL, and Web Based Solution


The Telephony system is ideal for any business with employees who travel or work off-premises.  It?s suited for sales representatives, construction workers, delivery personnel, in home caregivers, on-site service employees and any professionals with job duties that prevent them from using traditional methods of time tracking.


With a touch-tone telephone (standard or cellular), employees can easily clock in and out for the day, clock in and out for breaks and lunches and even transfer between departments, jobs, steps, etc.  The data is immediately saved in the time and attendance database where it is available to managers.  In addition, employees can check their current or prior pay period hour?s totals.


Caller ID verification allows you to restricts access to Telephony through approved phone numbers.  Telephony allows for fast deployment time and low cost of ownership.  Telephony Licensed involves a single server installation, eliminating the need for multiple client installations.  Maintenance and upgrading Telephony is fast and easy ? everything is done on the server, so upgrades are available to all employees instantly.  Plus, there?s no need for expensive training - employees clock using a standard Touch-Tone Telephone.   As a result, the time it takes to get up and running is minimized, saving you money!


Businesses with a large number of employees who must punch at the same time will avoid bottlenecks utilizing the Telephony?s multi-line capabilities.

The Telephony server is pre-configured by engineers and delivered as a complete system, ready to plug into your standard phone line(s).  Telephony includes:

  • Telephony Server (Rack or Tower)
  • Keyboard (not included with rack mount)
  • Telephony Phone Line Cards
  • Telephony Software

Telephony Hosted with our Web Based Solution requires no additional hardware.   Get up and running in minutes with simple to setup text to speech definition fields within our Web Based Software.


What kind of data would you like to collect? Accurate tracking and reporting of employee time is essential to determining productivity.  Telephony provides an easy, cost effective means of gathering this type of data. Put  the power of remote phone access to work for your organization with Telephony!