Data Collection Options

Enterprise Time Management Solution


  • Features easy operation
  • Provides accurate, reliable data
  • Eliminates the unavoidable errors associated with manually collected data
  • Is user programmable
  • Offers a variety of options
  • Rechargeable back-up battery enables over 2 hours of full operation during power failure


Admin Desktop
Full featured clock, badge, prox, biometric Fingerprint, and wifi available.

Additional Options:

  • Ethernet Communications: With the optional internal Ethernet card, the terminal can connected to any 10/100 Ethernet network

  • Modem Communications: With the optional internal Analog Modem card, the terminal can be located remote to the host location and dialed up using standard telephone lines at a speed of 14.4 Baud

  • Wi-Fi Wireless Communications: The TA785?s wireless card allows the 785 to communicate over a standard 802.11b network.  The wireless network must be configured with an IP address, gateway, subnet, and WEP key (if available). 

  • P.O.E (Power over Ethernet): The TA785?s has the optional capability of drawing its power from the Ethernet communications line (Ethernet line must support POE) This eliminates the need for high voltage power at the terminal location.

  • Biometric Fingerprint Reader:  The TA785 can store up to 9,000 Fingerprint templates for biometric verification (1 to 1) or identification (1 too many).  The terminal utilizes a High resolution 500 dpi finger template. 

  • External Reader: The TA785?s has two reader ports to connect external devices such as a Bar Code gun or an Access Control Swipe Reader that could be mounted outside a door.


Eight programmable functions: Each function key can be programmed to collect up to four items of data, plus the initial employee I.D. and time stamp.  For example, after swiping his identification badge, an employee could press function key 2 and be prompted to input a work order number, part number, and then prompted to input a quantity

Durable Construction: The TA785 is constructed of injection molded plastic, which, pound for pound is stronger than steel, yet lightweight and attractive.  The terminals have a dome membrane keypads, which create a watertight seal against external elements, including a spilt cup of coffee. Also comes with an integrated wall-mounting bracket.

2x16 Character LCD Backlit Display: The terminal comes with a highly advanced filtered LCD display.  This means that under almost any lighting condition the terminal will give you a clear picture.  The terminal supports characters such as .

Battery backed memory: The terminal contains a rechargeable back-up battery which provides over 2 hours of full operation during power failure.  A warning indicator light on the terminals keypad alerts you to loss of line power.  In addition, the TA785 has an internal Lithium battery keeping your data safe even if the power is out for weeks.  The terminal's internal Lithium battery not only holds the memory, but also keeps the time and calendar accurate.

Data Input Validation: The TA785 terminal eliminates key stroke errors and increases job costing accuracy by allowing you to download tables of valid entries.  When an employee keys or swipes a number, it is compared to the numbers you downloaded for validity.  The terminal will correspondingly reject and accept entries, while optionally displaying the particular item name.  Employees may also be restricted from entering unauthorized departments on an individual basis.

Lockout Scheduling: Eliminate unauthorized overtime by scheduling when employees can use the terminal.  With this feature you can; lock out tardiness, out early birds, and force late arrivals and early departures to notify the supervisor in order to punch. You can also control punching by time of day, by day of week and give specific messages to employees as to why they were locked out.  Supervisors may be allowed to override a lockout.  When used with access control you may set up time schedules for employee access.

Employee Messaging: After the employee enters their ID, the terminal can display a 16-character such as the employee?s name, hours worked, or location to report to.  Messages can be personalized (i.e. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"), giving your data collection terminal a human touch.  In addition, message tables can be accessed through the terminals function keys.  These message tables can be used to display information such as the employee?s hours, schedule and benefits balances.

Signal Control: With the TA785?s internal relay, the terminal can control a 30 Vdc, 1 A dry-contact circuit.  The signal control relay can be turned on by both a specific employee badge/number for access control or by time of day for bell ringing.  The duration time is also programmable.

Strict Manufacturing Standards: Time Spot's TA785 data collection terminals have been tested for optimal reliability. A high MTBF ensures virtually uninterrupted performance. The sealed keypad and the unique agronomical design reduce maintenance costs. The terminals are certified to CE and are manufactured to ISO-9001.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 9.8"x 6.7" x 3.7"
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Memory: 512K RAM, Battery Backed
Reader: Magnetic Stripe (track 1,2 or 3) Bar Code (3-of-9, 2-of-5, 128) Proximity Reader (26, 27, 32, 34, 36, 37, 42, 44, 48 and 86 Bits) Fingerprint (1:1 validation or 1:N identification)
Display: 2x16 LCD backlit Alphanumeric with Decimal Point
Programming: ASCII-based, Over Communication Port
Communications: Bi-directional Local Communications Via RS232 Port RS485 LAN Optional 14.4 Baud Analog Modem Optional 10/100 Ethernet
Power: Voltage: 110/230 Vac + 10%, 100mA
Environment: Operating Temperature: -20 - 60C Humidity: up to 95% RH