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Rule Templates Are the Backbone of HourTrack

By Mary Girsch-Beck

HourTrack is Vitrix Inc.'s upgrade from HourTrack 98. Vitrix has revamped the technical architecture of the HourTrack software in order to increase performance. Brand new in this release is the status board that will show system administrators who is logged in to the system or at lunch. The Benefit Tracker has also been updated, allowing accrual dates to be reset globally or on an employee specific level.

HourTrack is a complex system, designed for a true client/server environment. To install HourTrack, users will need a Pentium 166MHz or higher and Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 or higher. The installation was somewhat confusing because the administration section is designed to be installed on one computer and the Data Engine (database) installed on the other. After the Data Engine is installed a new database has to be created on the computer on which the Data Engine is installed. There is also a PC Time Clock that can be installed on the main computer. Companies can choose to install PC Time Clock on one computer, or they can opt to install PC Time Clock on all employee computers.

Rule templates, the backbone of HourTrack, increases program efficiency. Rule templates enables users to set up employee rules, such as early/delayed clocking in and out, rounding of time, overtime rules along with specific lunch rules and pay periods.

Found at the top of the main screen, which is the 'Employee Center,' is a Windows menu bar. Beneath is a toolbar with five selections: Employees, Timesheets, Departments, Jobs and Reports. The employee list can be found here as well. From the Employee Center, the system administrator can add or edit an employee by clicking on the 'Add New Employee' option on the toolbar. This is also where managers will define the method that an employee will use when clocking in and out. Department and Rule editing and additions are also processed through the Employee Center.

A useful feature of HourTrack is the option to assign employees a password and allow them to view their time sheets and reviews benefit and deduction information, along with a message board. Managers can also create schedules for employees on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

What makes HourTrack so attractive to large companies is its ability to be customized according to specific company needs. HourTrack can be used on one system or installed on multiple systems throughout the company. HourTrack can provide companies with Time and Attendance administration, Scheduling, Job Management, and employee viewing capabilities. While a substantial Management Information Systems (MIS) department would be a necessity to deploy and operate HourTrack, this powerful software package could prove to be the perfect solution.

Rating: 4 Stars out of a possible 4 Stars