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Proactive thinking will lead to faster set-up and use.

When setting up a time and attendance system, an important thing to do is think about how your managers and employees will access and use the system on a daily basis. For example, do you want to give grace periods or do you want to round the employee back to a scheduled start time? So you want your employees to be able to see real time vacation balances? By thinking this through before the system is configured, will ensure that it is set-up according to your needs and get your company on the way to saving valuable time, money and resources!

Licensed versus hosted: Which solution is best for you?
One of the most important choices an organization makes when it decides to automate its time and attendance processes is the implementation model. There are several factors to consider when determining the best fit for your organization.

1. Resources - The dedicated resources, both personnel and infrastructure that are required:

  • Purchase and configuration of servers, database and related hardware
  • Connectivity and server-level testing
  • On-going database and software application maintenance
  • Upgrade installations
  • A hosted time and attendance solution will require:
    • Browser access
    • Internal connectivity testing

2. Costs - The money spent to utilize a Time and Attendance application:

  • Licensed time and attendance option:

You will incur the majority of your costs upfront including: software licenses, hardware, database, upgrades and variable maintenance costs.

  • Hosted time and attendance option:

You pay fixed monthly service charges. These charges include: System hosting, application access, customer service, database and system administration, backups, upgrades/updates, maintenance, security, etc.

3. Implementation - Professional Services charges are similar in both models; however a licensed model requires on-site travel that adds incremental expense and days to the project.

4. Benefits

Licensed time and attendance benefits include:

  • You control the system infrastructure
  • You control the application internally
  • You control and can create additional integration to other business systems
  • Data resides within your environment
  • You install and control all software upgrades
  • You Customize for anytime, anywhere access
  • Increased value of IT resources

Hosted Time and Attendance Benefits:

  • Allows you to focus on your core business
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Seamless software upgrades
  • Eliminates costs associated with purchasing, installing & maintaining additional servers
  • Predictable fixed monthly costs
  • Reduced time to implement solutions
  • Maximum uptime and performance

The bottom line
There are a myriad of decisions to be made when comparing a hosted versus licensed time and attendance solution. There are variable levels of control and flexibility with each option that are dependent upon your organizations resources. Determining the Total Cost of Ownership is critical to making your final decision and will allow you to reap the benefits of your investment.

Time Spot provides both licensed and hosted solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. Learn more at: https://timespothq.com/products/nettime.asp.

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