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I would like to thank our business partners for making the past year a successful and financially profitable 2007 for the ?new? Time Spot.  The Company contributed to Synel?s corporate performance of $33.9 million in revenue and $2.9M in net profit in 2007.  Time Spot is now an integrated part of a global provider of end-to-end software and data collection solutions for Workforce Management and Secure Access Control.


In order to provide our business partners with enhanced product offerings to service their existing clients and to expand into new opportunities, the Company is investing in the following areas:

  • Adding fullweb capability to all of the feature-richdesktop products
  • Introduction of a newhardware leasing program
  • Re-introduction of the 7000 series as a full functionweb clock
  • Release of theSynel Secure Access Control product line to selected partners
  • Continual expansion in the data center infrastructure to support growth of the Company?sXactTime SaaS application


We believe that these programs and new product additions will provide our business partners with the tools necessary to prosper and grow their businesses in 2008.


Best Regards,


Thomas Bednarik

President and CEO


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