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Time Spot knows small and mid size businesses.  We realize that that you are in a continuous battle to reduce costs and increase productivity.  We also realize that small and mid size businesses often operate on a limited budget and IT resources.  Therefore, cost, ease of use and minimum system maintenance are key to your decision making when looking into purchasing a business automation system.  We understand the need to maximize your investment and minimize the implementation burden on your existing resources.  By offering low cost, feature rich, easy to use solutions, we can help you accomplish your goals.


Small & Mid Size Business Solutions
Time Spot : Small & Mid Size Business Solutions
Time Spot has a full suite of products that employ the right mix of technologies, platform support, ease of use, and cost points. Our solutions streamline workforce management, allowing you to focus your valuable time and resources on running your business and growing your bottom line.


When it comes to cost, Time Spot helps small and mid size businesses take advantage of our technologies by offering both a ?buy it? one time license and a convenient ?pay-as-you-go? hosted model.  Time Spot?s pay-as-you-go hosted model allows you to take advantage of the the numerous benefits of an automated time and attendance system today with reduced up-front fees and affordable monthly pricing.  It also lowers the risk to your business.  Time Spot assumes responsibility for hosting, maintaining, and upgrading your system. This option is ideal for small and mid size businesses with limited financial and IT resources or large organizations using capital for other purposes.


Once you are a Time Spot user you can take advantage of the fact that we design our products for upward compatibility.  As your business grows and your needs change, your Time Spot system will grow with you.


Time Spot will provide you:


  • The Right Product ? Address your specific workforce challenges, automate time and attendance.  Leverage proven technology that's easy to install, maintain, and expand.
  • The Right Service ? Benefit from implementation, training and support plans tailored to match your precise needs
  • The Right Price Point ? Realize an immediate return on your investment by taking advantage of our licensing or pay-as-you-go hosted models.
  • An Easy to Use Solution that will exceeded your expectations.


Time Spot has been a leader in innovative solutions addressing the complex issues of time and attendance and labor management for over 20 years.  More then 1 million employees and over 50,000 businesses rely on our solutions every day.  No one understands Small and Medium size businesses better then we do.  


Let Time Spot:


  • Provide a fully functional, scalable, time and attendance system that can be phased in for all employees.
  • Provide a single vendor platform for both time and attendance and labor management needs.
  • Provide a simplified user interface that alleviates errors or omissions.
  • Produce reports correlating all collected data for management use and review.
  • Improve management control through enhanced scheduling capabilities, online access to detail, and timely management reporting and exception reporting.
  • Reduce the manual efforts of timekeepers and managers in the scheduling and reporting of employee time.
  • Reduce overall direct salary expenses by establishing standardized schedules and related pay configurations that virtually eliminate manual inputs and the manual calculation of hours.
  • Improve the company?s ability to pay all employees uniformly in accordance with published human resources and payroll policies.
  • Improve payroll?s ability to monitor and control the weekly process of collecting pay data.
  • Provide automated interfaces to and from the payroll system and improve the timeliness and accuracy of the throughput process.

Want to learn more? 

Review our time and attendance products and the many labor management issues we can help you solve, as well as the industry-specific solutions Time Spot provides.


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