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Time Spot, Inc. has been providing world-class time and attendance solutions since 1987.  Our workforce management products are designed to help executives, managers and employees solve a wide range of critical time and attendance issues including those related to payroll, workforce scheduling, job tracking, labor allocation and benefit distribution.

We continue to build upon our foundation as a leading developer and marketer of comprehensive web-based time management software solutions.  As a software developer and systems integrator, Time Spot is a uniquely positioned, qualified specialist in the area of automated workforce management.  The company's innovative solutions are used across a wide variety of industries and by over 30,000 companies worldwide.


Deployed as a desktop solution, enterprise or web-based, these systems automatically calculate employee time and wages using your specific payroll policies and produce valuable management reports which help control overpayment of employees and ensure proper distribution of labor costs.


Job costing enables you to accurately track time and labor costs and distribute them by department, job, step, operation, task, etc.  It allows for a more detailed breakdown of cost information, which can be reported in hours, dollars and piece rates.


Flag employees punching outside of their assigned time frames. Spot trends and produce valuable analysis reports which can be useful at employee evaluation time.


Flexible workforce scheduling allows employees to be assigned a specific shift start and stop time, float between start and stop times, or they may be allowed to come and go randomly.  Rounding rules can be set up around the start/stop times or actual punch times to prevent overpayment.  Management consoles provide easy access and editing of group or individual schedules.


Automatically update employee benefit balances based on your company's accrual rules. Automatically adjust accrual cycles and accumulators based on the employee?s tenure.  Forecast employee leave, like vacation, to prevent over-drawn benefit balances.


Adapt point values for attendance occurrence. Automatically generate warning notices with custom messages when employees reach pre-defined infraction levels.  Apply disciplinary procedures consistently and accurately across your organization.


The Access Control & Profile Lockout Module also allows you to control an entry access device (door, gate, turnstile, etc.) to regulate unauthorized personnel.  An employee's access can be restricted to certain locations.  With the use of this module, schedules may be downloaded to each terminal controlling the actual time-of-day and day-of-week the employee is allowed access.


What type of data would you like to collect?  With a Time Spot system you can configure custom prompting that will display on your time clock terminal.  The system will collect the data, allow you to make edits, and then export the data to other systems such as spreadsheets and inventory control programs.  Your Time Spot systems can practically "front end" all of your data collection needs.



Time Spot offers employee self-service as part of a complete time and labor management system. Employee self service helps you reach every employee in the organization through browser-based interfaces.  With employee self service, you can extend the power of workforce management to wherever the workforce goes.



Time Spot offers the industry's most comprehensive services portfolio. From small and mid size businesses to large global enterprises.  Time Spot can provide a services plan that makes sense for your company.  You can count on Time Spot to provide the most innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.  

It?s a daily event here at Time Spot.



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