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Time Spot Industry Solutions deliver the workforce management capabilities you need to address the real-world workforce issues of your industry.


Solving real-word problems for the Educational industry


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Many educational institutions rely on obsolete systems and manual processes for labor and student management.  School districts lack centralized standards and controls. The fragmented environment of classrooms, departments, business units, and campuses make it increasingly difficult to manage employee time and labor to budgets.  Tight budgets are creating a significant challenge for school districts. They must find ways to improve the quality of education and do so with fewer resources. That means the workforce is becoming an increasingly valuable asset, as school districts strive to utilize their employees more efficiently and more effectively to educate students.


Put the focus back on increasing efficiency and doing more with less.


Time Spot provides schools the tools they need to enable them to save labor dollars, maximize education resources, which are the keys to maintaining competitive tuition. Time Spot systems are designed to solve schools real-world problems, including access control, time and labor management, student identification and attendance tracking.  Our solution helps you get control so you can behave more like a business.

Time Spot has provided more than 500 schools and higher education institutions with a comprehensive workforce management solution. We help you to effectively manage your professional, union, auxiliary, and student workforces.  We help you control labor costs and improve employee productivity and efficiency.


To address these problems, you need a Solution Provider with the knowledge of what it takes to manage:


  • A diverse and complex workforce that includes substitute teaching resources
  • Exposure to liabilities associated with government regulations
  • Personnel access to certain areas and maintain strict requirements for school security and emergency response
  • Automating employee time, attendance, and leave management
  • Labor data and limit the liabilities associated with FLSA and FMLA compliance
  • Empower employees with self-service capabilities, reducing calls to HR while improving employee moral
  • Gain greater awareness of student and employee attendance
  • A diverse and widespread workforce largely made up of student employees
  • Complex work and pay rules

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