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Time Spot Industry Solutions deliver the workforce management capabilities you need to address the real-world workforce issues of your industry. When every minute and penny count...our workforce managment software will keep track of employees time and department level wages.

TransportationSolving real-word problems for the Transportation industry:

By reducing labor costs even fractionally, transportation companies are able to realize tremendous improvements to profitability. That’s why transportation companies are choosing Time Spot labor management software to help gain greater control of their geographically dispersed workforce with the help of reports, scheduling software, and tracking employees that are approaching overtime.

Time Spot has a long history with Transportation and Logistics companies and many core product features are a direct result of us working hand-in-hand with some of the largest companies in this industry.


We understand the challenges behind managing a transportation or distribution workforce, including:

  • Union contract compliance
  • Adequate staffing
  • Time critical delivery of services
  • Warehousing security
  • Merchandise tracking

Time Spot's time-clock software helps you standardize and streamlining labor management processes, thus increasing net income by reducing operating costs. In complex unionized environments, our time and attendance software applies the correct pay and work rules to accurately captured employee time. This ensures elimination of overpayments and underpayments resulting in 1-6% gross payroll savings.

Time Spot offers a comprehensive suite of application modules, each one designed to help you solve real-world business problems.


With Time Spot you can:

  • Give manages the tools they need to easily schedule and track labor resources
  • Lower your exposure to union violations and employee grievances
  • Take control of employee absences and adherence to attendance policies
  • Enable employees to interact with the system even when on the road

Learn more about Time Spots' solutions for time & labor management, attendance management, and employee self service.