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Time & Attendance Software and Time Clocks

Time Spot, Inc has a time clock software solution for your time and attendance needs. Since 1987 we have been a leading provider of time clocks, employee time tracking & labor management software solutions. We offer a variety of cost effective time clock data collection methods such a badge time clock, electronic time-sheets, biometric Handpunch time clock and biometric fingerprint time clocks, PC clock, web-clock, telephony systems, peripheral devices, such as PDA's & Windows based smart phones. Our labor management software solutions include web-based & desktop time and attendance software, and over one hundred payroll exports to help you process payroll quickly and efficiently. At Time Spot we strive to accommodate virtually any timekeeping need.

We continue to build upon our foundation as a leading developer and marketer of comprehensive PC & web-based time and attendance software solutions. As a time and attendance software developer and time clock systems integrator, Time Spot is a uniquely positioned, qualified specialist in the area of automated workforce management. The company's innovative time and attendance software solutions are used across a wide variety of industries and by over 30,000 companies worldwide. Thousands of companies just like yours have taken advantage of Time Spot’s workforce management industry knowledge to provide time and attendance systems that provide the best return-on-investment of any automation time clock system your company could acquire.

Are you still calculating employee's time by hand or using an old fashion punch clock? Find out more on how Time Spot's time clock software can help streamline tracking your employee's time, calculating leave hours, automatically e-mailing time and labor reports, exporting employee time to payroll and most important, cut labor cost. If you need more proof that our time clock software can save you money, check out this time clock ROI.