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Industry Specific Workforce Management


Time Spot's labor industry solutions deliver the workforce management software capabilities you need to address the real-world workforce issues of your industry.

Workforce Management Solutions

Small Business Time Clock Software Small and Mid Size Business

Time Spot knows small and mid size businesses.  We realize that that you are in a continuous battle to reduce costs and increase productivity.  We also realize that small and mid size businesses often operate on a limited budget and IT resources.  Therefore, cost, ease of use and minimum system maintenance are key to your decision making when looking into purchasing a business automation system.  We understand the need to maximize your investment and minimize the implementation burden on your existing resources.  By offering low cost, feature rich, easy to use solutions, we can help you accomplish your goals.

Enterprise Workforce Management Enterprise Solutions

Employees are your company’s most important resource and often your greatest controllable expense. Companies that streamline administrative tasks and optimize the workforce can achieve significantly better operating margins and attract and retain customers by providing superior customer service.

Education Attendance Management Education

Whether you are K-12, specialty, charter, or higher education, Time Spot provides educational institutions with a comprehensive workforce management software solution, one that enables them to save labor dollars and maximize education resources. We understand your budget restraints, funding requirements, and your heightened need to control costs.  Our solution is designed to solve real-world problems in your schools, from automated time and labor management, attendance tracking, to streamlined payroll processing.

Transportation Labor Management Transportation & Logistics

Rising fuel costs are forcing transportation companies to find cost savings. The largest operating costs that transportation companies have result from the management, scheduling, and administration of the labor force.  Time Spot helps organizations with geographically dispersed workforces and very complex work rules reduce their labor costs, increase the scheduling efficiency of operations, and ensure compliance with pay rules and federal regulations.

Manufacturing with Job Costing Manufacturing

To stay competitive manufacturers need to reduce costs and improve productivity, while still delivering quality products within short lead times. Manufacturers are in a continual battle to maintain skilled workers while combating increased pressure from low-cost offshore competition. Time Spot helps manufacturers leverage their workforces to achieve maximum profitability and make decisions that will help achieve operational excellence.

Retail Hospitality Retail & Hospitality

Retailers know that the “customer experience” is their most important asset and the “customer experience" is highly influenced by the retailers' workforce management.  Whether you're in general merchandise, apparel, grocery, or hospitality, your managers need the ability to increase workforce quality and retention and reduce turnover.  Time Spot systems free up your managers' time and give them the tools they need for better workforce management.

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Time Spot has been a leader in innovative time-clock solutions addressing the complex issues of time and attendance and labor management for over 20+ years.  More then 1 million employees and over 30,000 businesses rely on our solutions every day.  No one understands America's workforce better then we do, thats why we are Time Spot, Inc.

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