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Time Spot provides professional, instructor-led training to make the transition to our product line as simple as possible, for all your employees.

Time and Attendance Software TrainingTime Spot’s training sessions are designed to provide the tools your staff will need to use any one of our time and attendance solutions successfully in your business environment. Key concepts are taught using examples tailored to your business' needs. Class sizes are kept small in order to facilitate the best learning experience and provide personal attention for all students. Comprehensive training materials ensure that students can focus on learning, rather than on taking notes, and that students have an easy-to-use reference guide for after class.

Course Options:

Management Training:

  • Covers the Core Competencies, the "need-to-know" information for managing employee time and attendance on a day-to-day basis.

Administration Training:

  • Covers these same topics, as well as the techniques needed to configure and maintain a Time Spot Time & Attendance Solution. We can also create customized training courses to fit your needs.
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