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Time Spot Promise


Time Spot PromiseTime Spot is a leading manufacturer of time and attendance equipment and software for over 20 years.  Our first systems ran on dual floppy 286 machines. Time Spot offers our customers the state-of-the-art alternative at very competitive pricing.  Acquiring an automation system impacts our customers dramatically and requires consideration of factors other than pricing.  Among the other benefits Time Spot offers, you’ll find superior customer service and flexibility for easy customization as your needs change.

Time Spot has shown over 30,000 companies savings of numerous hours per month of tedious manual data entry and calculation.  This has meant immediate and on-going savings to our customers.  Our staff can design for you a more efficient mechanism of time data capture featuring easy-to-follow badge swiping procedures.  Employees find the quick "swipe" of a badge or scan of a hand or finger print to be hassle-free compared to the archaic and error-prone manual transcription of data.  We have created a new generation of inexpensive time and attendance data systems that are capable to adapt with today’s business needs.  While the markets and applications for our products have evolved rapidly in recent years, one thing has not changed.  That's our commitment to quality and service.  Time Spot is determined to provide higher product quality, faster delivery and better service than any competitor while maintaining our competitive pricing.


At Time Spot our brand is our promise.

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