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Manufacturing Labor Management

Time Spot Industry Solutions deliver the workforce management capabilities you need to address the real-world workforce issues of your industry.


Solving real-word problems for the Manufacturing industry

Time and Attendance ManufacturingTime Spots manufacturing labor management solutions help organizations of all sizes leverage their workforce to achieve maximum profitability. By providing management the tools to clearly see what is happening at each facility, cost center, and department, they can identify core issues and make adjustments to increase efficiency and profitability.


With a Time Spot solution Manufacturing companies achieve:

  • Better control over labor costs, Work in Progress (WIP), and administrative costs
  • Awareness of what your labor costs to produce a product
  • Improved labor utilization to increase shop-floor efficiency
  • Improve compliance with union, government, corporate, and customer regulations

Time Spot systems incorporate industry-specific functionality that meets the needs of both small and large manufacturers.  This functionality delivers significant benefits with a rapid return on investment.

  • Schedule your people, enforce break and lunch rules, so production lines can start on time
  • Achieve optimal use of your existing workforce and minimize the need for premium pay with the approching overtime report
  • Ensure that timesheets are accurate and don’t violate Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Automate the leave request and approval processes
  • Improve productivity by providing management job costing information and budgeting
  • Shorten lead times by measuring and reducing indirect time that doesn't add value to the product
  • Pay employees quantities & per piece wages and allow employee to enter their totals at the time clock


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