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Even good technological design can result in substandard system performance if not implemented properly. In addition, integrating technologies from multiple vendors can create confusion regarding responsibility and accountability. Today's market requires quick response to opportunities and competition. To meet this need, Time Spot provides a time and labor management solution with implementation that is not only full-featured and proven -- it's customized to your needs.

Time Clock ImplementationCompanies that do business with Time Spot can expect a partner that will be there through all phases of implementation -- from the initial planning phases to the final rollout. Time Spot provides scalable levels of assistance that are tailored to each implementation. We transform your human resources department into a cost-effective robust time and labor management environment.

Implementation Options:

Remote Implementation:

  • Conducted using conference calls and available Internet technologies (suggested for smaller organizations with minimal requirements).

Client Site Implementation:

  • Conducted on-site at your location (suggested for larger organizations with additional time clock hardware requirements or smaller organization without full-time IT staffing).
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