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Time Spot, Inc., a Scottsdale manufacturer, is a leader in cost efficient computerized time and attendance data collection systems, and has been designing, developing, and marketing data collection terminals along with the Time Spot time & labor management software since 1987.

Time Spot develops and markets computer based data collection products and peripherals, exclusively.  These products are marketed through "qualified" distributors, resellers, and dealers.  This market­ing approach gives our customers the advantage of local support nationwide; lower pricing, and a quicker response to custom enhancements and interfaces.  We have created a new generation of inexpensive time and attendance systems that are capable to adapt to today's needs.

Since 1987 Time Spot has automated the time and attendance of over 30,000 companies.  Our customers range in size 1 - 30,000 employees.  Our markets include manufacturing, food processing, retail, healthcare, service, hospitality, education, transportation.

Time Spot’s reseller network has expanded to over 200 resellers, covering 42 states, Canada, Europe, Australia, South America, Caribbean, and Mexico.  No single product can satisfy the needs of all customers; Time Spot Has developed a complete product line that addresses the needs of companies of all sizes and needs.  Unlike other companies in our industry that have migrated from mechanical based time systems and are now just getting into computer based time systems, Time Spot has over 20 years of experience in developing computer based time systems.  Our systems were developed, in-house, from the ground up.  Working directly with our customers has helped us tailor our systems to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries.

Time Spot is a software development company.  We are constantly looking toward the future.  We keep ahead of the competition by constantly enhancing existing products and developing new ones.  We make it a point to always allow upward compatibility.  This allows customers using older versions of the system to take advantage of the latest enhancements without reentering data. 

Time Spot enjoys an established track‑record of excellent support for its customers.  Their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous.  Our customer service desk is one of the largest in our industry.  We offer direct user installation, training, and operation support as well as support for our resellers.   Since we write all the software and firmware for the products we market, Time Spot can provide the quickest turn-around on problem solution and custom enhancements in our industry.

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