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TA620 - Incorrect switch to year 2000


TA620 Version 6 clocks appear to be changing to the wrong year. Instead of going to 2010, they are showing the year 2000. The issue occurs from the clock manufacturer's e-prom defaulting to 2000 if the clock was not programmed from our software after the New Year. It is good pratice to sync the clocks time with your computer/server's time periodically. If you need assistance on how to program the clocks time please contact technical support.

Any transactions done while the clock is in the wrong year will need to be changed. Please see below for adjustments in Genesis & TA100. XactTime punches can either be adjusted or re-enter into the correct year.

Setting clocks date and time will change the year to the correct date and all future transactions will be correct.

---Instructions for Genesis Pro/TA100Pro---

Method #1

  • Create a backup of the database before making any adjustments.
  • Use the Dealer Utility’s Punch Adjuster to change the transactions from 1/1/2000 to the month day of today forward by 10 years.
  • Download the Dealer 32 Utility and save it to the Genesis or TA100 folder. Use the password "abc123" to access the Utilities page.



Method #2

  • Create a backup of the database before making any adjustments.
  • Browse to the \clk\rfiles\ folder and locate the current R-File.
  • Open the R-File and verify the date is incorrect.




  • Click on EDIT and select REPLACE


  • Change the date to 2010 instead of 2000
  • Repeat for each R File and each date.
  • Re-post the R-File from FILE > UTLITIES and reprocess.
If you have any questions regarding these steps please contact support at 1-800-227-9766 x730 for further explanation.