Time and Attnednace with BenefitsTime Spot’s Benefit Administration allows you to track and manage all types of leave, all in one place, automatically. It streamlines the entire leave management process, from accrual calculations, leave request processing, to granting, and provides visibility into trends and patterns that can point to and help reduce the abuse of leave benefits.  Benefit Administration helps you maintain compliance with FMLA and other federal, state, and union mandates. It provides automated supervision and tracking of paid and unpaid leave policies. You can identify absence trends, manage them proactively, and make better decisions regarding employee planning, coverage, and reviews.

Eliminate error prone, time consuming, manual accrual calculations.

  • Calculate accruals and leave balances accurately with a configurable rules engine
  • Prohibit Supervisors from authorizing leave that will result in a negative balance
  • Provide employees with self-service access to make leave requests and review balances
  • Use reporting tools to retrieve and analyze leave-related activities
  • Enforce leave policies fairly minimizing your organization’s exposure to leave liability and employee grievances
  • Reduce the labor and productivity costs associated with unauthorized leave time
  • Free managers to focus on higher value activities by automating leave policies

With Benefit Administration you can:

  • Automatically calculate the balances of each employee's available benefit time, such as vacation, personal and sick time.
  • Automatically update employees accrual balances
  • Monitor an employee’s use of leave balances.
  • Maintain an Audit Log of posted accruals and debits.
  • Helps ensure compliance with FMLA regulations.
  • Accommodate a wide variety of methods for accruing leave time, as well as the many complex rules found in organizations today.
  • Keeps leave balances current, and automatically change employees’ rate of accrual on a specified day based on seniority and entitlement.
  • Restrict the number of leave hours that may be carried over from one year to the next.
  • Schedule future leave requests and have the system track them in a pending category.
  • Pending leave can be compare with taken and available leave balances when evaluating employee’s leave eligibility.

Benefit Administration is completely integrated with Time and Labor calculations of employee leave balances and enforcement of leave policies occurs automatically without rekeying of data.  Benefit Administration is also integrated with Workforce Scheduling providing managers the convenience of pre scheduling leave.

Benefit Administration is a powerful tool for preventing unauthorized leave time. Also, Workforce Accruals is flexible enough to facilitate complex leave and benefits policies and transform them into easy to understand and enforce daily practices.

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