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Return on Investment

Time Spot has automated the employee and job time tracking process from punch to paycheck. Our employee and job time tracking solutions eliminate human error, ensuring that employees are only paid for the time that they worked. The ability to enforce employee schedules, control coverage and overtime and run a variety of tracking reports allows companies to improve the unitization of labor resources.
A Time Spot solution can help any size and type of company achieve immediate savings.


Lost Time Savings

Perhaps one the most crucial money-savers for mid to large sized businesses. Eliminate unauthorized overtime by implementing strict controls with minimal impact on existing workloads.


Audit Savings

The ability to run employee and job time tracking reports provides value-added benefits that can improve your company's bottom line.

Eliminate Human Error

Our automated time and attendance solutions do not make the unavoidable mistakes associated with manual payroll calculation.


Annual Savings

Do the work of several people with increased speed and accuracy.



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