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Rules Based Scheduling



After working with one of the industry's top advanced scheduling software providers, Time Spot is now ready to unveil a robust  scheduling component that effortlessly integrates with their time and attendance portfolio.  

If you have not heard Time Spot has partnered with Celayix to offer you the latest in advanced scheduling software.  If you are looking for Scheduling that lets you quickly and easily match your employees with work assignments, Celayix may be your answer. In no time, you'll be creating schedules based upon employee skills, qualifications, seniority, departments, experience and more.  The schedules you create in the Celayix system will automatically populate the employee schedules inside the GENESIS system. 

For more info on our time and attendance software with rules based scheduling contact us today.

ITLMA 2010 - Carefree, AZ

Time Spot would like to thank all of the attendee and our resellers that joined us at this years Independent Time and Labor Management Conference that was at the Carefree Resort, here in Carefree, AZ.
We'd also like to thank all of the Golfers that joined us at The Boulders at the Waldorf Astoria gold course!

Go Green - Eliminate Paper Time Cards


Today more than ever we are starting to truly see the impact we have on this beautiful planet. As we learn from our mistakes, it may take years to make up for them. So start today and eliminate paper time cards from your daily routine. When it takes up toGoGreen-Eliminate-Paper-Timecards 4 tons of trees to equal one ton of paper, and one ton of paper equals 200,000 time cards, what percentage of that does your company contribute. Now imagine how many people are in our workforce today. Yes it may be fewer then previous years, but we can all make a difference. Stop the need for cutting down trees and cut cost with a time and attendance software solution. Once connected with a time clock or just simply punching in or out on a PC Clock, you will quickly see the Return On Investment the time and labor management solution can provide. Technology does have its advantages, which include up-to the minute time and labor reporting, which can be easily automatically e-mailed to you. Biometric time clocks can help cut down the risk of buddy punching. Time tracking software can be automated, and even export to your favorite payroll software. So stop making-do with your old time clock, and make a difference today, and we'll all reap the rewards tomorrow!

Introducing TA100 Lite


Time Spot is proud to announce the latest addition to our Product line:

TA100 Lite - Time Clock Software
  • Our lowest cost, entry level time and attendance software product
  • Easy to implement, wizard-driven setup
  • 25/50 employee versions
  • 2 concurrent user/supervisor support
  • Supports Biometric Fingerprint, TA700 series and Hand Punch (biometric hand scanner) time clock terminals

    Time and Attendance Software Comparison

TA100 PRO vs TA100 Lite - time clock software

TA100 Lite - Time Clock Software Spec Sheet

We Moved....


We have outgrown our facility of the last 3 years. As of March 22th we moved our offices to:time clock move

Time Spot, Inc.
16425 N. Pima Road
Suite 190
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Our phone numbers and billing address will not change.

Once again, thank you for your commitment to Time Spot. Please look forward, with great expectation, as we continue to enhance the way we do business here at Time Spot.

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