Program Clocks for Day Light Saving Time

Time Spot's software will be update from the server's time, but your clocks will have to be programmed at least once after the New Year for the time clocks to automate the Day Light Saving feature. Please refer to the correct software package below if you have a time clock terminal.

XactTime Hardware Client:

Locate your PC that has the Hardware Client installed on it. Open the Hardware Client and right click on the clock that you would like to program or was not programed and select Program Terminal. (see picture below)

You can also have this feature setup to automatically update the clocks. Log in as an Admin to your online time and attendance software, and go into the Configuration Menu and selecting Hardware. Locate the terminal under the List of Terminals on the left side and then select Update Terminal on the right side menu. Enable this feature, select a interval such as days or hours, and set an interval length. You will then have to re-run your Hardware Client again for your new settings to take affect.


Programming Clocks in Genesis & TA100 PRO:

Login to Genesis and select the Polling icon or in the top menu selcect Clocks/Poll. One you have selected the clocks that you would like to program you can then select the Polling Options Tab with the settings in the picture below and click Poll.

You can also have this feature setup to automatically update the clocks. In the Auto Process Feature. For more detail contact our tech support.


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