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Are there any privacy issues with using a biometric HandPunch?

Hand geometry technology has never been reverse-engineered to identify people. Hand geometry units do not store the image of the hand, but instead store a 9-byte template which is a mathematical representation of the hand image. This mathematical value is meaningless to other devices. In addition, no fingerprint or palm print information is gathered.

What kind of servers run the Xacttime system and are they shared or dedicated?

Xacttime utilizes several dedicated redundant multi-processor HP blade servers to ensure maximum performance and availability. The XactTime servers are dedicated, used to serve only XactTime customers.

Do I need to install any software to use XactTime, your web based soltuion?

No,user's can go to a URL (web address) and just login to access the software. This URL can be saved as a favorite, make it your home page, create a shortcut in your startup folder, or just place a shortcut on your desktop.

If you decide to use a time clock with XactTime, you would have to install a small piece of software for polling the time clock(s) that runs automatically in the background as a service on a computer on your network.

My employees are concerned about hygiene issues. How do I address this concern?

Compare hand placement on the platen to using a door knob/handle, money handling, telephone use, or shaking hands. As of June 2007, every handreader platen (Where user places their hand) contains an anti-microbial agent. These active agents are incorporated during the manufacturing process and because they cannot leach out or wash off the surface, remain active for the life of the biometric reader. This material does not change the look or the feel of the product but it continually protects the platen’s surface against microbes, making it cleaner and more hygienic.

Can your time and attendance systems generate reports automatically?

Yes our systems allow the users to schedule reports to run at any time. You can schedule recurring reports that can be generate as often as you like, such as daily or weekly. You can also configure the reports to be automatically e-mailed to you or other individuals.

What happens if I injure my finger or hand and have it bandaged or in a cast?

You can be enrolled a new finger for the fingerprint unit or enroll with your left hand; palm up while the right hand is disabled for a HandPunch. It’s not as comfortable but will work fine.

Can I import employee data from HR/payroll ssytems?

Yes, our time and attendance solutions allow users to import employee info from a CSV file.

Do rings or Band-Aids have an effect on the biometric Hand Punch?

Not usually enough to reject a valid user. Just make sure the ring is in the upright position and hand placement is proper and there should not be any issues.

How does biometric hand scanners work?

The HandPunch measures the unique size and shape of the fingers and hand. Over 90 different measurements are made such as, length, width, thickness and surface area. No finger prints or palm prints are taken.

To enroll an employee for the first time, the employee would put their hand into the HandPunch three times so that a CCD camera records 3 images of the hand. An algorithm converts these images into one mathematical value (Your template). This template is then stored in the HandPunch. Each time an employee puts their hand in the HandPunch to punch in or out of work, the HandPunch takes another image of the hand, the algorithm converts this image to a mathematical value and then compares this new template with the template the HandPunch has stored previously. If the two templates match, identity is confirmed and the punch is recorded.

Each time an employee punches in or out, their template is updated with each successful verification. Basically the machine “learns your hand”. This allows for changes due to weight gain or loss, aging, etc. This also eliminates the need to re-enroll users.

How does Time Spot manage disaster recovery?

Time Spot has gone through extensive efforts to ensure disasters don't occur; we have implemented HP Data Protector with an automated Disk to Tape Backup Scenario for Disaster Recovery readiness.

Does your software have an audit trail?

Yes both XactTime and Genesis have the ability to track every transaction that is added, deleted, or modified.

What are the benefits of using fingerprints in biometric technology?

Fingerprints are impressions made of the minute ridge formations and patterns found on the fingertips. No two persons have exactly the same arrangement of patterns, and the patterns of any one individual remain unchanged throughout life. While other characteristics may change, fingerprints do not, offering a virtually infallible means of personal identification.

Can Time Spot's systems handle multiple payroll frequencies?

Yes, all our time and attendance systems can accommodate multple payroll frequencies. Each payroll policy that is created can have a difference payroll frequency.

How does biometric fingerprint technology work?

Sensors capture an image of the fingerprint and use a series of algorithms to create a unique user number, which is stored in the teminal and in the central database.

There are actually two types of fingerprint systems:
verification and identification.

In a verification fingerprint unit, an employee enters his/her employee ID number by keypad or badge and places a finger on the fingerprint unit. The system then compares the fingerprint being scanned to the employee's previously enrolled fingerprint. If the fingerprints match, the employee's identity is verified and the transaction is accepted.

In an identification fingerprint unit, the employee simply places a finger on the scanner. The system compares the fingerprint being scanned to all templates stored in the database, searching for a match. If a match is found, the employee is positively identified and the transaction is accepted.

How does biometrics save money?

Biometric technology such as fingerprint verification improves employee attendance and payroll accuracy. A study published in the magazine of the American Payroll Association, called PayTech (Jan. 2002), concluded that:
  • Buddy-punching accounts for up to 5% of the total payroll
  • Overpayments caused by human error can range from 1% to 8% of total payroll costs
Biometric technology saves money by eliminating buddy-punching, because the employee's presence is absolutely essential in order for them to clock-in at work. Fingerprint technology also eliminates the need for time cards which can be manipulated, lost, stolen or damaged, and are costly to replace.

In addition to the financial benefits, biometrics also provides several other benefits to businesses. Companies that use biometric technology have more secure environments: fingerprint verification allows employers to easily restrict access to each area of a facility by setting clearance levels for each employee, protecting assets from theft or abuse.

Biometrics also eliminate the need for building keys or access cards, which can be lost, stolen, forgotten or misplaced.

How secure is my data transmitted over the internet?

All customer data transferred is SSL encrypted and backed-up on tape each evening. For added security, the tapes are taken to a remote location for storage.

What is Hand Geometry?

HandPunch uses a field-proven technology called hand geometry, which verifies an individual’s identity based on the size and shape of the hand. It does not take fingerprints or handprints.

What happens if the Internet connection on my side goes down?

Since XactTime is a web-based application, you will need to have an Internet connection to use the service. However, even if your permanent Internet connection goes down, you might still be able to access the XactTime site through a dial-up service such as a local ISP or even AOL.

The beauty of a time and attendance web based solution is it allows you to access the software from anywhere you have an internet connection, even if thats means from the beachs of Hawaii on your laptop.

Data Collection Devices (Time Clocks) are operational without an Internet connection and can store the punches until your connection is restored.

Do your time and attendance systems handle job costing?

Yes, Our Genesis software had a specific module just for job costing. It adds on three additional labor levels, along with the ability to handle quantities and piece rating. It also includes specific reports related to job costing.

Our web based time and attendance software, XactTime, can handle 15 labor levels, such as locatons / departments / jobs / tasks / etc, and unlimited amount of fields with in each of those levels.

Our time and attendance systems can tracking wages. Employees can have their own specific pay rates for each field within each labor level, or you can assign a global pay rate for all employees within that labor level. You can take it one step further and even enclude charge rates to be billed for that specific labor level, such as a job.

What is biometrics?

Biometrics identifies people by a unique human characteristic. The size and shape of a hand, a fingerprint, the voice and several aspects of the eye are just some unique attributes. “The word "biometric" simply means the measurement of a living trait, whether physiological or behavioral. Biometric technologies compare a person's unique characteristics against a previously enrolled image for the purpose of recognizing.”

Do I host the software myself?

You can get a licensed copy of XactTime to have installed on your servers or we can host XactTime for you on our servers. The hosted model is called SAAS, Software As A Service. Our two desktop products, TA100 PRO & Genesis, are installed on your network in a client-server environment.

How long has Time Spot been in business?

Time Spot, Inc was formed in 1987 as a privately held software company. Today, leading service providers and independent resellers partner with Time Spot to deliver our time and attendance software solutions to users throughout the world.

What type of data collection options do I have?

Time Spot supports any combination of data collection options found below:
  • Time Sheets: XactTime or Genesis
  • Time Clocks: key in number, badge terminal, proximity terminal, biometric fingerprint, or biometric HandPunch
  • PC Clock: TA100 PRO & Genesis PRO/SQL with the PC Clock Module
  • Web Punch: XactTime or Genesis with the WebClock Module
  • Telephone: XactTime or Genesis with Telepunch Server

Do you provide implementation and training services?

Yes we do! To learn more about our implementation, training and other professional services, visit the professional services section on by clicking on the Products menu, or call a sales representative at 1-800-227-9766 x710

What is Buddy-Punching?

Buddy punching is when one employee clocks in for another employee. This usually happens when one employee is running late. That employee will then call into work to ask a coworker/friend to clock them in at their scheduled time to report to work. This is the basis for payroll fraud that costs companies thousands of lost dollars per year.