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EduReg provides a simple and user friendly web based interface for the monitoring of student attendance in the education sector.

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Online self student registration, with flexible statuses and registration marks. The EduReg solution enables manual and group registration as well. 

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All-in-one multi functional terminal providing Biometric, Card and Pin code solutions.

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Real time reporting generator enables hands-on monitoring and increasing student retention.  


Student Attendance Systems

The student registration system electronically records the presence, absence or lateness of students.

The Edu-REG electronic student registration system allows students to swipe their ID card or use their fingerprint to register.

All readers are in constant communication with the controlling PC, thus delivering real time information, necessary for emergencies. Each registration contains the date, time, reader ID and ID number.

The system will save the time of manual registration, encourage children to take responsibility, give an accurate account of students thus helping fight truancy and provide accurate information for EMA payments. The system can be combined with security access control where only authorised card holders can access the school or designated areas within the school.

What about Fingerprint technology?

Instead of reprinting new, lost or stolen cards why not use our Fingerprint recognition terminals that eliminating 'buddy punching' and give a true account of attending students. The system never retains an image of the fingerprint but translates it to a mathematical template and only a number is stored. Read more on our Biometric technology.

Why is Time Spot the best?

  • Over 25 years of experience in electronic attendance registration
  • Time Spot manufacturers both hardware and software
  • Competitive Prices

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