Student Access Control Systems

biometric door for access control of studentsUsing a card or biometrics, individuals identify themselves at a reader located on a door (or turnstile, parking gate or lift). Access is then either granted or denied according to the level of their access right.

student attendance access control reports

Smart security groups management reduces the administrative work load and ensures on-line updating.

Forged partnerships with quality partners enables large verity of solutions including On line, WiFiand off line equipment

Time Spot Access Control Solutions provide a full managed system including software and hardware using card or biometric fingerprint readers. These solutions are perfect for Schools, Colleges and all Eductional institutions.

The wide range of systems available is both flexible and adaptable and can grow to meet your changing requirements.

There are a variety of solutions: From a one door stand alone system to a comprehensive solution with 100s of doors and 1000s of students to control access to pre-defined areas at pre-defined times. For enhanced security you can use biometric readers and digital CCTV.

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PrintX Optical Our biometric fingerprint reading system is the most secure way to control access to any environment. With a fast reading time, 100% reliable readings and a fail safe system of protecting the individual's identity it is the most effective system for schools.

The Proximity Card Reading Systems will allow controlled access to classrooms, public areas or wherever needed. If a student, staff member or visitor has a valid card / student card then as they approach the door the system will read the card and grant access.


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