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Retail and Hospitality

Time and Attendance in RetailTime Spot Industry Solutions deliver the workforce management capabilities you need to address the real-world workforce issues of your industry.


Solving real-word problems for the Retail & Hospitality industries:

Time Spot helps retail clients eliminate the inefficiencies in managing their workforce and more accurately scheduling employees. This transformation of workforce operations allows retailers to reduce unnecessary payments, improve productivity, and ensure a consistent customer experience.

  • Lower operating costs across
  • Improve customer service and increase sales
  • Increase employee retention reducing turnover


Time Spot’s solutions help retail businesses better manage the many demands that impact the workforce, from scheduling leave, having proper coverage’s, to access control to storerooms. Your organization gets complete visibility into the workforce, enabling your managers to make better decisions. Our focus on solving complex workforce management challenges make Time Spot for Retail the standard for industry-leading specialty, general merchandise, grocery/pharmacy, food-service, hospitality, and entertainment companies.

By reducing the administrative burden of workflow and schedule creation, productivity is increased; employees and store managers are able to spend more time with customers.  Having the appropriate number of employees in the store will improve the customer experience, and improve sales.


With Time Spot you can:

  • Reduce labor costs by automating manual time and attendance processes
  • Improve store productivity by empowering the manages to make better business decisions
  • Increase visibility into store operations and execute consistently across all your stores
  • Deliver superior customer service managing employees more effectively

Learn more about Time Spots' solutions for time & labor, attendance management, workforce scheduling and access control .