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Attendance Management

Time Spot’s attendance management provides a single comprehensive view into the many types of employee absence, from vacations to tardiness.  Attendance management gives you complete visibility into absence trends and patterns, help your staff avoid holes in coverage and give you invaluable information for the employee review process.


Better absence management

Time and Attendance Software

Reduces labor costs:

Enforce attendance and leave policies consistently in order to reduce payroll inflation and control unauthorized employee absences.


Provides Insight:

Unprecedented visibility into employee absenteeism, trends and patterns


Lower risk of noncompliance:

Manage FMLA and overlapping state leave laws more easily and track intermittent leaves.


Improved morale:

Give employees more control of their time off and a greater sense of fairness through consistent policy enforcement.

Matchless in its ease of use and completely integrated with the Time & Labor application, Attendance Management automates the entire absence and leave request process providing a centralized system for managing, reporting and analyzing all absences and associated employee leave.


Take back control of your business


Gain visibility into Absenteeism:

Status dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities provide a comprehensive view of absence and leave information as well as easy insight into important trends and patterns.


Improve Workforce Efficiencies:

Auto processes deliver relevant absence information supervisors via automated reporting and email functions, eliminating manual processes and administrative paperwork.


Reduce Overhead Costs:

Complete automation of absence management processes, such as determining eligibility, checking available leave balances and generating leave management reports, significantly reduces administrative costs through improved accuracy.


Make faster Informed Decisions:

Provides a centralized source for users to monitor and manage all relevant absence and leave information.


Control Adherence to Policies:

Easily monitor and track absentee trend and patterns and identify policy abuse quickly.


Comply with Regulations and Avoid Employee litigation:

Comply with varying, complex leave policies and legislation through highly configurable rules.  Full audit trails and complete history is tracked to help comply with federal and state laws, union rules and other legislative policies.

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