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Hardware Rental Program

Rent Time Clocks

Have You Ever?

Wanted to automate your time and attendance processing but found the cost of the system wasn’t within your budget?

Now YouCan?

Time Spot is proud to provide you a low cost monthly rental program that allows you to take advantage of the many benefits of an automated Time and Attendance system without the upfront cost and expensive ongoing maintenance fees.

Contact your Time Spot Reseller to sign up today!

Benefits to You

Low startup cost

• No need to purchase clocks

• No need to purchase computer hardware

• No need to purchase licensed software

Pay as you go

• Only pay for the employees with activity that month

Free Upgrades

• Software upgrades are included in the low monthly fee

Hardware rental

• No up front cost

• Guaranteed 48 hour terminal swap included in rental cost

• No qualifying

Easy to train (remote)

• No expense flying or driving to attend a class

• Reduced cost compared to having a trainer come to your facility

• Convenient for remote employees to join

No IT staff required

• No computer hardware to monitor and keep updated

• No software to monitor and keep update

• ASP utilizes a secure data center

You are not bound to rent forever

• Any time down the road you can purchase a licensed version and 100% of your data will transfer over

• Any time down the road you can purchase the data collection terminal

Free data warehousing

• History is free for as long as you use the service

• Data is automatically backed up every night

Matches IT infrastructure

• Easy to deploy

• Low network resources

• Easy remote access

• Remote data collection

Employee Self Service

• Clock IN/OUT, transfer remotely

• Check schedule from home

• Check benefits balances and timecards remotely





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