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California Supreme Court: New Lunch Rules


California Supreme Court Ruled in favor of employers



Thursday April 12, 2012 California Supreme Court ruled that employers are under no obligation to ensure that workers take madated lunch breaks.  This is a huge si of relief for employers in CA. Though the employer is responseable to provide a 30 minute meal break, they do not have to ensure that the employee ceases all work during that meal period. This is at the liberty of the employee to use the time as they choose, even if its to work.

Previously, California law provided that employees must receive a 30 minute lunch break and be relieved of all duties if they work over 5 hours in a given period. There are some exceptions to the rules, such as exempt employees. If an employer failed to give a proper meal break for that day, the employee could be owed one hour of pay at their normal rate of pay.

For more detail on this story check out this Yahoo article.

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