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Employee Tracking

With Time Spot's workforce management software you have the ability to track your employees live from our status board. This employee tracking software feature allows you to see who's clocked in, clocked out, out to lunch or even on break at that moment in time. It will also show you when the last punchemployee-tracking-software was placed. If your company has multiple time clocks, the status board will even what clock your employee punched on. This employee tracking is available on Time Spot's desktop time clock software or our web based time and attendance software.

Along with employee status board, you can see if employees are breaking any attendance rules, such as in late, or out early. These employee exceptions are great for annual reviews, which we have created a specific annual attendance report just for that reason. With all of the possible ways for employees to track their time, such as an employee timeclock, employee timesheet, online timesheet, biometric fingerprint time clock, biometric HandPunch time clock, web time clock, telephone time clock, PDA time clock, and PC time clock, we provide them the flexibility they need to be able to punch in/out throughout the day. Once you have tracked your employee's time with our workforce management software, you'll be pleased to know we created over a 100 different payroll exports files for you to import your employee time into many of the leading payroll software systems.

So employee tracking, time and attendance, and payroll do exist in harmony.

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