The Benefits Of Biometrics

The hand geometry reader is the most accepted biometric technology available...

The need to identify people is as old as humankind. People recognize each other by sight and sound. However, in today’s complex society it’s impossible to personally know everyone. Biometric devices automate the personal recognition process. Each of us is unique from every other human being. We carry learned identities; our telephone number, signature or a personal identification number. We also have unique physical characteristics, such as hand shape, blood vessel patterns and fingerprints. Biometric devices measure and record unique human characteristics for automated comparison and verification. Today's biometric products evolved from the electronics and computer revolution. Modern detection technologies allow precise measurement and comparison of unique human characteristics. Time Spot, Inc. chose hand geometry technology because the human hand is unique and people find it comfortable to use. Hand geometry technology looks at the three-dimensional size and shape of the hand. The result of over ninety hand measurements, including lengths, widths, thickness and surface areas are converted into a "template," a nine-byte mathematical representation of the hand. The template is typically stored in the reader's resident memory for later retrieval and comparison.


Reliability is the result of good design and construction. Our readers have no moving parts. The readers are built using commercial quality components enclosed in rugged structural housings. They meet stringent quality control standards and the demanding FCC and European CE certification requirements.

Reliability is also measured in performance and this systems’ performance made it the industry leader. The reader's low false accept rate (0.1%) provides the deterrent required to meet the security needs of the nuclear and defense industries.

These hand geometry readers are the most accepted biometric technologies available. Users like them because they work. Owners favor them because their users like them, they are reliable, and they are low cost. Systems designers prefer them because they integrate easily into other systems.


Well-managed businesses continually work to control costs. When Time Spot realized the cost advantages of biometrics, we put that technology to work in time and attendance.

Hand Readers offer the following benefits:

Industrial payroll
Retail stores
Custodial services
Guard services

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