The following is a list of the minimum conditions that is MANDATORY for a potential Reseller (or the Resellerís Contractor) to have full knowledge of, before selling the Time Spot Product line.

1)††††† Purchase a Time Spot System (of your choice) for learning and demonstration purposes.

2)††††† Know how to access a PC's BIOS in order to make changes to the CMOS.††† ††††††††††††††††††††

3)††††† Know basic DOS commands.

4)††††† Know how to copy files, including to and from disks.

5)††††† Know basic Windows Explorer functions.

6)††††† Know how to use Pkunzip or Winzip.

7)††††† Know basic internet and e-mail functions (sending and receiving e-mails with attachments, downloading from a web site).

8)††††† Time Spot needs to know who the I.S. person (or their network /computer person) is for

the end user company.

9)††††† Possess a basic understanding of what is in the Windows Control Panel and how to use the add/remove programs item, modem set up item, and modify system controls.

10)†† If installing on a Network, have a basic knowledge of networks, permissions and rights.

11)†† Be familiar with cabling, serial, shielded twisted pair, RJ11, etc.

12)†† Know how to use a modem.

13)†† Possess basic knowledge of the operating system they are installing on (Win í95, í98, NT, Novell, etc.

14)†† Become familiar with our software. View the HELP files.

In order to provide the most efficient technical support, Time Spotís technical support department has the authority to require you to obtain a copy of PCAnywhere.

If the above requirements are not met, Time Spot has the option of charging the Reseller for technical support or voiding the Resellerís agreement.