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Web based


NETtime™ is an 100% web-based solution that offers a fast, easy method of automating employee time and labor management processes.  Offered as hosted or licensed application, NETtime can be used from any computer running an Internet browser.  NETtime provides the convenience of anytime, anywhere access with robust features and functionality.

PC Based


TA100 PRO is a simple-to-use, cost-efficient solution that automates all of your Time and Attendance needs.  The comprehensive system includes software, terminal, communications cable, employee badges and technical reference manual.  TA100 PRO is self-installing and requires no prior computer knowledge to get up and running.  As a full-featured management tool, TA100 PRO will help you gain greater control over productivity as well as provide you with the accuracy required for your business operations.  TA100 PRO automatically calculates employee time and wages using your specific payroll policies.  An optional Bell Control Module enables you to define bell ringing schedules and prompt terminals to activate a user-supplied bell, alarm, or other audible signaling device.  Furthermore, as your business grows and your time and labor management needs change, TA100 PRO can easily be upgraded to our powerful GENESIS PRO solution without re-keying any existing data. 


GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL are a powerful software systems designed to automate timekeeping, scheduling and job costing in mid-market to enterprise sized companies.  One of the most comprehensive in the industry, GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL solutions enable companies to make real-time decisions about employee related information with value-added features including:

  • Ease of Use - Completely menu driven; All processes are clearly marked throughout the product and follow a common thread.

  • Automated Time Collection and Calculation – Includes powerful tools that relieve payroll staffs of time-consuming, stressful procedures such as manual review and calculation of time cards. It is also compatible with multiple data collection devices across multiple locations.

  • Company Policies and Rules - Supports complex company policies such as floating shifts, multiple wages, rounding rules and overtime levels.

  • Employee Self Service - Allows you to give employees access to their own payroll and HR data including schedules, benefit balances, and current hours and transactions.

  • Reporting Flexibility -   Generates over 110 different reports for attendance, scheduling, wages, payroll, exceptions, and HR.

  • Payroll Exports - Comes standard with an export feature that allows you to export data for in-house or external payroll processing.

  • Security

Designed for small business, Time Spot’s TA 50 Series are affordable, easy to use applications that automate all time attendance monitoring system needs. These products can be used with or without data collection terminals based on your company’s needs.


TA50 PRO Ideal for companies with less than 200 employees, Time Spot's TA50 PRO is a user-friendly, powerful solution that automates your company's time and attendance with built-in wizards and simplified daily operations.  TA50 PRO is self-installing and requires no prior computer experience to get up and running.  There are a variety of data collection options for the TA50 PRO including mag-stripe, LAN and remote communication.

TA50 PRO automatically calculates employee time and wages using your specific payroll policies and produces valuable reports designed to improve management of your workforce.  These reports help companies avoid payment of unauthorized overtime, improve benefit administration, control departmental costs, monitor staffing and much more.


TA50XL is an easy to use, powerful time and attendance solution that allows you to automate your company's timekeeping and attendance tracking.  With built-in setup wizards and simplified daily operations, TA50XL completely eliminates paper timesheets.  Employees clock in and out at a data terminal using the badges that are included with the system.  The data terminal immediately transmits employee punches to the TA50XL software which automatically applies your pay rules automatically, consistently and impartially.

Since the terminal is always on-line, supervisors can immediately see who's absent without having to poll the data collection terminal.  In addition TA50XL's powerful reporting system can help you better manage your workforce to:

  • Avoid unauthorized overtime

  • Track employee status

  • Control departmental costs

  • Monitor staffing and much more

By removing human errors, accurately collecting and reporting labor hours, and dramatically reducing the amount of time spent running payroll, the TA50XL system will pay for itself in less than a year.


These powerful, client-server software systems help mid-sized and enterprise companies automate their time attendance monitoring system, scheduling and job tracking as well as job costing, benefit administration, employee review processing, access control, bell ringing and data collection.