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Time Spot provides professional, instructor-led training to ensure a smooth transition to our product line for your company.† Time Spotís training sessions are designed to provide the tools your staff will need to use any one of our solutions successfully in your business environment.† Key concepts are taught using examples tailored to your business' needs.† Class sizes are kept small in order to facilitate the best learning experience and provide personal attention for all students.† Comprehensive training materials ensure that students can focus on learning, rather than on taking notes, and that students have an easy-to-use reference guide for after class.

Course Options

We offer two types of courses, geared toward specific roles and needs within your organization:

  • Management Training covers the Core Competencies, the "need-to-know" information for managing employee time and attendance on a day-to-day basis.

  • Administration Training covers these same topics, as well as the techniques needed to configure and maintain a Time Spot Solution. We can also create customized training courses to fit your needs.


Companies that choose a Time Spot solution can expect a partner that will be there through all phases of implementation -- from the initial planning phases to the final rollout. Time Spot provides scalable levels of assistance that are tailored to each implementation. We transform your human resources department into a cost-effective robust time and labor management environment.

Implementation Options

Time Spotís solutions can be implemented in two ways:

  • Remote Implementation: conducted using conference calls and available Internet technologies (suggested for smaller organizations with minimal requirements).

  • Client Site Implementation: conducted on-site at your location (suggested for larger organizations with additional hardware requirements or smaller organization without full-time IT staffing). The duration of the engagement is a minimum of two days, but is extended for more complex implementation projects.

Technical Support

Time Spot backs its line of time and labor management solutions with a team of well-trained and certified engineers, analysts and technicians who are organized according to their particular areas of expertise.†† Our technical support team is also involved in developing our solutions; their in-depth knowledge means you are always offered insight on getting the most out of your purchase.† Time Spot's support services are available weekdays from 6AM and 5PM Mountain Standard Time. †


At Time Spot, we are working hard to implement our vision of the future for the time and labor management industry. †With a Time Spot maintenance agreement you will constantly enjoy peace of mind, knowing your mission-critical workforce management system is completely covered in the event of downtime.†

Software maintenance agreement

Provides the customer with unlimited telephone help-desk support, access and notification of all service releases and price discounts on certain upgrades.

Hardware maintenance agreement

Provides full coverage on all hardware components, including parts, labor and repair or replacement.

We are proudly innovating at a faster pace than ever before, because we know every minute we can save for your organization translates into significant financial savings and provides you with more time to focus on your core business.†