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TA100 Pro

Time Spot's TA100 PRO is a simple-to-use, cost-efficient solution that automates all of your Time and Attendance needs. The comprehensive system includes software, terminal, communications cable, employee badges and technical reference manual. TA100 PRO is self-installing and requires no prior computer knowledge to get up and running.

As a full-featured management tool, TA100 PRO will help you gain greater control over productivity as well as provide you with the accuracy required for your business operations. TA100 PRO automatically calculates employee time and wages using your specific payroll policies. An optional Bell Control Module enables you to define bell ringing schedules and prompt terminals to activate a user-supplied bell, alarm, or other audible signaling device. Furthermore, as your business grows and your time and labor management needs change, TA100 PRO can easily be upgraded to our powerful GENESIS PRO solution without re-keying any existing data.

With TA100 PRO, you?ll know exactly where your employees? time and dollars are spent. Best of all, TA100 PRO is the only ?full-featured? automated time and attendance solution that costs less than an electro-mechanical time clock!

TA100 PRO features:

Ease of Use
TA100 PRO is completely menu driven, with a graphic tool bar to allow quick access to the most commonly used functions.

TA 100 PRO will generate over 20 different listings and 50 up-to-date reports on everything from employee addresses and your Main Company setup to annual attendance and absences.

Company Policies and Rules
TA100 PRO will support complex company policies and rules that encompass rounding for start/stop/lunch/break times, an unlimited number of shifts, and up to three overtime levels.

Data Collection:

TA100 PRO is compatible with multiple data collection devices, and supports the use of TA520, TA530, TASC, and TA620 Data Collection Terminals.

Each user must enter a Login name and Password before they can access the TA100 PRO system. The system can limit each user?s accessibility to certain menus, the range of functionality within a given window (add, edit, delete, view, etc.), and category of employee.

Company Terminology
Another attractive feature of TA100 PRO is the ability to change the names of key fields and automatically update all menus and reports to reflect the new name. For example, if your company does not have ?Departments?, but has ?Cost Centers?, simply change the name Department to Cost Centers and all references to Departments within the system will update to Cost Centers.

Payroll Processing
TA100 Pro comes standard with an export feature that allows you to send data to an in-house payroll solution. Direct exports to many popular payroll services are also included with the solution.

Optional TA100 PRO Features:

Bell Control
The Bell Control Module allows you to define bell ringing schedules and prompt terminals to activate a user supplied bell, alarm, or other audible signaling device. Each bell can be defined by the day-of-week and time-of-day as well as the duration of the ring.

PC Clock
The PC Clock option allows employees to perform all normal time clock functions at their PC.

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